As most women tell it, there hair was long, full and beautiful when they were a child. But, mine really was! Haha I had long, silky braids down my back until I was about 10 years old and thought I was grown enough to start doing my own hair. I had the styles down that my peers adored but, the only problem was I didn’t understand how to properly take care of my hair, as my mother has figured out. I thought as long as I could brush the front of my hair enough to slick it into a ponytail, I was good to go. And that’s exactly how I wore my hair for years, it what we now call a “puff,” which my mother so lovingly coined as the poodle back then.

In 2014, after years of wearing my hair straight from pressing it biweekly and sometimes weekly, my hair had worn very thin and unable to grow, or so I thought. After a trip to Florida, I came back refreshed and wanting to try something new. I challenged myself to a three month no heat challenge, where I wanted to try to learn and understand my hair to a point of regaining health and let’s be real, I wanted it to grow!

In those three months, I struggled tremendously. I didn’t know where to begin or what to do, so I did like most and ran to YouTube and Instagram. Surprisingly, I found that the Natural Hair Community was very open and supportive to those on their journey; whether  you were like me and transitioning or you did the envious and daring Big Chop! Since I was already blogging my outfits and daily life on Instagram and Coco & Click, I decided to journal my natural hair journey, as well.

From there my world changed. Not only did I never look back on the pressed life that I once knew and could not live without (or so I thought), this natural hair journey has opened doors to so many parts of me that I did not knew could exist. I have learned so much about myself and have evolved into a woman that is more centered, healthier and a woman that truly achieves to be the best woman she can be. This journey was life changing and I am only 2 years in.

Here, I will continue to review products, post tutorials on routines and test out new hair styles, all while maintaining a healthy regimen. My hair goals are to have beautiful, long but most importantly, healthy hair!

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