Nuts for Snacks! 

Hey Friends! If you’re following me already on Instagram, you may be familiar with my not so recent change to a Pescatarian diet. If you’re not, it’s all good — I wrote a full post on my food journey. You can read it here. Now that I am fully indulged in this Pescatarian lifestyle and #TransitioningToVegan, I … More Nuts for Snacks! 

My Pescatarian Journey

When people find out I have given up meat, they understandably want to know why. There are countless others out there on the same journey, as well as, plenty unfamiliar with the lifestyle and that’s okay! I practice a Pescatarian diet. For me, that means I do not eat any animal that walks on land. I went from four … More My Pescatarian Journey

Le Flea Weekend

You know those days that make you feel so productive and fulfilled ? Well, I had a weekend full of that! Spent most of our time, trying to finally make our apartment more homely! After the flop at the thrift on Thursday, we went to the flea marke to the hunt for trinkets … trinkets, only…lol