Baby, It’s Cold Outside But, I Found the Deals!

Hey Beautiful People! I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy their holiday weekend. Typically, I’m not a holiday person … well, haven’t been in the last decade or so because it’s usually spent alone or scrambling to find an outlet that doesn’t leave me completely aware of my lack of the definition society gave to the word “family.” Nevertheless, I found my solace.

Thanksgiving on a Thursday every year, right? Well, when things didn’t go as planned this year, instead of crumbling and throwing up my hands to the holiday, traditions and mainly the food, I decided to wash my hands and try again …. another day. Say whaaat? Yup, this year, I did Thanksgiving on Friday and it felt AH-mazing! No pressure. More prep time and the leftovers slapped a little longer this weekend. I did what worked for me and I’m pretty sure this will be my new tradition. Welcome to being the director of your own life!

Besides eating all weekend, I also shopped. Sorry, I don’t have any Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday deals for you. But, I do have is a reminder for you. SHOP SALE! Yea, I said it. Black girls love luxury and having our Sex And The City moments with seeing our money hanging in our closets. Great, classic quote. But, the real is, we like our money in pockets and bank accounts even more! What better way to keep you dripped and ballin than finding a few good deals along the way?

This coat was the last one of the rack, with one of those lost makeshift tags, so when I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised it fit. Both the cashier and I were both surprised when the coat that was marked at $150 rang up for $30!

Ahh, I love a good stea…. I mean, DEAL!

The deals didn’t end there.

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of white/cream/ivory boots for the Winter months. When I saw these boots, I swiped them thinking something would be wrong. Uncomfortable. Cheaply made. Janky zipper. Shaky heel. SOMETHING. Nope, they’re perfect. Chic, comfortable, pointy toe, perfect height stiletto heel. Oh right, …. the deal?

The original price is $220. Not me, not today. I purchased them for $63, with a few points.

I live for a great deal.

And yup, I did my hair and recorded a video, as well. It’s been a productive holiday weekend. I’m grateful for my solid reals and trues. But most importantly, I’m so thankful I’m finding the balance of living life and choosing me.

It feels good to be here.

until next time, 

– details – 

sweater: thrifted, similar here or here

button up: thrifted, similar here or here

pants: Zara, similar here or here

coat: H&M, similar here and here.

boots: Kenneth Cole, similar here

bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, similar here and here



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