Learning, Challenging Myself & Growing in Fall Style.

Hey Beautiful People! This week is almost over yet, for some beautiful reason, I have so much more work still to do! I’m a constant work in progress and I love that I have embraced this journey of committing to always learning, challenging myself and growing. The road has been far from easy but, like I always say, it’s worth it.

I’ve had to learn ( and still learning) how to not take on the labels that others have placed on me and rather live in the truth of how I view and see myself.

I am constantly challenging myself – from personally asking if my thoughts are aligned with the person I am today or am I still thinking through the many survival modes of my past traumas. To pushing myself out of my comfort zone to show up for myself in spaces I know I deserve to be a part of and for the ones that reciprocate the same energy that I give out to them. Theres a special place in my heart for those kind of real and true friends!

I have found myself growing through the space of “I can’t,” and rediscovering my “I can.” Also, I have allowed myself the permission to be selfish, at times. I have given myself the grace to recognize the difference of what’s for me vs “This isn’t for me and that’s okay.” With growth comes acceptance, with acceptance comes peace.

Serenity and sanity are major necessities in my life these days. Life is too short for it to be filled with chaos and toxicity at all the times. I want a passionate life but, can it be light hearted too? In this new space of growth and freedom, I can now see for the first time, how the two can co-exist.

It’s a goal of mine that I’m on my way to achieving.

This one is personal.

PS. This is a cozy v-neck sweater that I wore backwards to achieve a more minimal look with my vintage paisley print duster vest. The distressed jeans tucked into my woven ankle boots just add a touch of cool to the whole look. My advice? Play with your clothes, people. You’ll get more wear out of them and it’s way more fun than everyone walking around looking mannequins!

In the mean time, I’m going to keep finding my light and basking in it until my energy is so radiating the sun has no choice but to shine on me.

& I’ll keep smiling while I wait.

PSS. I’ve never photographed myself so vertically challenged in my life. I think it’s hilarious! By the looks of these pics … how tall do you think I really am? Haha.

until next time, 

– details – 

sweater: J.Crew, similar here or here

jeans: Zara, similar here or here

vest: vintage

boots: Journee via Nordstrom Rack, purchase here or similar here

bag: vintage 



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