Mama, I Made This College Vintage Sweatshirt Dress!

Hey Beautiful People! During my hiatus, I’ve been in a constant state of self progress and living out my truth. When the pandemic hit and everything shut down, I found myself itching for a SAFE and HEALTHY creative outlet.

After months of questioning my lack of training and too many weeks staring at my grandmothers sewing machine, one day in January, I took the plunge and purchased my first sewing machine. There was definitely a learning curve to the machine and my newly home-educated skills but, the passion and desire to create was there! It was game on.

First, I started with small little projects like pouches and fixing some of my torn and tattered clothing. But, that was too basic for my desires. Don’t get me wrong, I love almost everything I created because I did it on my own. But, I was still itching for more. More creativity. More fashion. More me! What was I missing?

THE VINTAGE, baby! Who is STACi P without the vintage flair? Cmon son.

So, I found a bunch of vintage college sweatshirts and turned them ALL into sweatshirt dresses. I have about 15 of them, handmade and designed by me. This is one of many.

What’s even better? I can’t wear them all so, I’ve decided to sell them! I have sizes ranging from XS-2XL and they’re ALL bomb, if I do say so myself.

The boots just add a lil extra F*CK WITH ME, YOU KNOW I GOT IT to the fit. Ya’knowhatimsayin?

So, what do you think? Of the teaching myself how to sew during the pandemic as my creative outlet? Would you want to see more of my creations? Maybe even some YouTube content? No? What do you think of the dresses? It’s good right? All of it. I know.

until next time, 

– details – 

dress: made by me, Martha Black

boots: Steve Madden, purchase here  

backpack: Target, similar here and here



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