Cargo Pants Without The Baggage!

“Y’all thought that I was finished?” Yes, I’m reciting Meek this early in the morning, ha! Heyyy beautiful people! Fall fashion is here and I’m on it! Over the years my style has evolved to compliment whatever season I’m in at the moment, and honestly, thank goodness for it. I know I’m not the only one that looks back at photos asking yourself “What was I thinking?” Ha!

Not this season, baby! As we transition out of all that pandemic loungewear that we have been swallowed in to, I’ve been diving feet first into cargo pants! Yea, I said it. Cargo pants, cargo trousers, cargo joggers … whatever you want to call them, I want them all! I find that cargos are just unbelievably easy to style any outfit and borderline embarrassingly comfortable wear, especially these olive green nuggets that I picked up from Zara over the Summer! How cute, right?

These cargo pants give off an effortlessly chic vibe paired with an oversized white button up and all the Fall accessories like I did, with a chocolate brown felt hat and woven ankle boots. Real talk —this was one of those outfits that even had women giving me thumbs up from the street! Thumbs up back at ya babes!

Style Tip: This is the type of outfit that can go from work to play in a snap, depending on how many buttons are undone. Okayyy? Get spicy, people!

Cargo pants are one of the hottest Fall trends this year so, as long as you’re looking, you can find them. But, you know I’ve got you!

Friendly reminder tho – While cargo pants have more than enough pockets to carry all of your baggage, Sis, don’t do it. It’s a new season. Whether its Fall or the upcoming holidays, take this time to release any baggage. Any weight. Give yourself permission to not carry the weight. Sometimes it’s not our weight to carry, sometimes it’s not our burden to bare. Leave some of those pockets free for Now or Laters or even better, the BAG!

You know I’m always going to give you the real.

until next time, 

– details – 

shirt: H&M, similar here and here

cargos: Zara, similar here and here

boots: Nordstrom Rack, similar here and here

wristlet: vintage Coach, similar here and here.



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