Let Me Reintroduce Myself – Hi, I’m Staci P.

Hey Beautiful People!

Wow, a real blog post. Okay, let’s do this guys. I know. I’ve been gone for a minute but, I’m back at the jump off.

First, I want to say I missed you all so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for still rocking with me. You all are truly the best part of this blogging thing and I mean it! I am planning on creating a recap video for you to share all that I have been up to in the last 2 years but, for now, let’s get into this upcycled outfit, no?

Over the weekend, I was in a creative zone and found myself dancing to my 90s hip hop playlist and creating outfits. I came across these Classique trousers I purchased from Nordstrom years ago when I was a Personal Shopper for them. As much as I loved the vibrant sky blue color, they never really fit well – I think it was the low rise, knowing damn well I am a HIGH RISE kinda girl, smh. Anywho. The first thing that came to mind was shorten them. ASAP!

Without hesitation, I ran to my scissors and sewing machine and got to work.

VOILA! Shorts.

If you are a long time supporter, you know I love to upcycle vintage pieces and giving a street style flair to my ready-to-wear clothing! This past year I finally taught myself how to get down on the sewing machine and by golly, I’ve got it. Quickly transforming these shorts was just validation that I am stepping into my purpose and aligning with my passion. I’m proud.

Naturally, I had to hop in front of the camera and shoot the outfit I styled for these shorts.

Here we are, baby! Here I am! Back like I never left. Showing up for myself. Showing up for you. I have reminded myself not to play small. Life is a BIG game. I have BIG dreams and BIG goals and SO DO YOU! I’m reminding the both of us to go BIG or go home. Let’s LIVE and play to win!

Let me reintroduce myself …

Hi, my name is STACi P.

& HERE (tf!) I AM!



PS. This shoot ran longer than expected. Partly because of Daylight Savings but mainly because I was just so excited to be back in front of the camera and didn’t want to stop. So, catch these after dark vibes and let me know what you think!

until next time,

– details –

blazer: thrifted by Martha Black Vintage, similar here and here.

shirt: Zara, similar here and here.

shorts: DIY (by Martha Black), similar here and here.

boots: Steve Madden, similar here and here.



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