First Curly Cut EVER with Beleza Naturals in Harlem, NY!

fullsizerenderHey beautiful people! Its been almost 5 years (June 17th) since I first began my natural hair journey. It started with a 3 month “No Heat Challenge” and turned into a lifestyle that I can’t imagine not living. A TRUE journey full of ups, downs, exploration and some disappointment but, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not even the unwanted cut that was only supposed to be trim I received on June 28, 2017, the day I was traumatized from salon experiences and I haven’t been back since.


Well, that was until May 8th, 2019, when I took a leap of faith and stepped foot into Beleza Naturals salon in Harlem for my first EVER curly cut. Yea, I was shook.


Having attended Beleza Naturals grand opening in the past, I was familiar with how cute and clean the salon was, which definitely made my approach to this a tad more comfortable. And having tried some of their products, I had an idea of how the results could be but, you never really know leaving your hair in someone else’s hands.


So, when I had my consultation with Shantell, I felt completely at ease when she discussed the current state of my hair, the care my hair texture needs and the process I was going to go through with them. I was ready, especially after seeing the cut I was going to get in their book. It was game on. I was to receive the Mix-It-Up Hydration Treatment before my cut. To the chair, I went.


Above are the products used. First, she applied the Hydration Treatment and infused a protein serum using a Jet Mix, which can only be done in the salon. Honestly, that protein being infused was one of the coolest things Ive seen done on hair in a while! And the results had me so shocked. There was NO need for an oil sealant because the serum penetrated the hair follicles so effortlessly. Also, depending on your hair needs, your treatment can be customized. Its definitely worth looking into! I was impressed.


15 minutes later, deep conditioner was rinsed out and you could immediately see the difference in shine.


Next, Amancia started to prepare me for my cut.


This is when the nerves kicked in but, after a serious conversation about how much length I wanted to maintain and how much she suggested needed to go, we came up with a game plan that we were both satisfied with. Sometimes you feel the need to please your stylist because you don’t want to say no and end up walking out of the salon disappointed. I felt completely comfortable enough to speak up, which made for the BEST salon experience I have had thus far!

“I know you’re worried about your length but because the hair cut you’re getting, the most you’re going to see cut is from the sides.” — Amancia, Stylist

Thats exactly what I wanted. fullsizerender-5

Usually you hear about curly cuts. Do they cut on wet hair? Do they cut on dry? Done in sections? Chyle, I’ve heard so many scary scenarios when it came to a curly cut, I don’t  even know how I even ended up there, haha! But, at Beleza Naturals they do a REAL cut. Just like you used to get when you were rocking doobies and silk wraps. It was educational and relaxing, at the same time. The best part was seeing the difference in shape (and my ends) right before my eyes. I DID IT YALL!


Amancia styled my hair with the Mix It Up Cream and a small amount of the Gel. My hair was SO DEFINED AND JUICY. I was really feeling myself walking from the chair to the dreaded dryer, lol.


Despite my face, I was already in love with my cut. Just blame it on aesthetics.


After about 30 minutes under the dryer and about 2-3 hours in the salon (I lost track having too much fun feeling pampered and enjoying my experience), I made my way back to Amancia’s chair. Shook my hair to the front, shook it to the back and I was ready to go … snap pictures, of course!


Amancia on the left and the beautiful manager on the right. These ladies took care of me and had me feeling beyond beautiful walking out of the salon from my first curly cut.


Most of the hair was cut off the sides so, I still have my length and overall, my hair is so much healthier. I’m in love!


What do you think?


Before and After.


Have you ever had a curly cut? If so, how was your experience? If not, whats holding you back? Now, that Ive been on both sides … I’m ready to chat so, lets discuss below!


until next time,

— details —
hair:  Beleza Naturals Mix It Up Collection



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