Confident In Your Clothes!


Hey beautiful people! I’m a little late with the blog post for these photos but the fit was too good not to share on the blog!

I’ll just say this … more and more, day by day, intentional action after intentional action — I’ve been working on my confidence and self worth, regardless of who is here for it. I am and I keep showing up for myself. It feels damn good.


How I’ve been dressing lately has had a major effect on how I’ve been viewing myself. Yes, I’m doing the inner work but, the world gets a different first impression. I’m leading with my confidence and the whole vintage 90’s waven IS MY WAVE.  From the baggy jeans to the crop tops, the prints and idontgiveafuckness — Hi, my name is Staci. *Insert Solange’s F*ck The Industry.*


Bruh didn’t want to let me be great! Too bad he can’t stop me. No one can.


Even the details have me flexing. Would you feel good rocking a classic Coach cross body and in their soft and buttery leather? The answer is yes so, lets just be clear. Seriously. When I rock my vintage pieces, especially head to toe, I feel like you can’t fuck with me.  I feel like you’re not seeing me in the closet aka in these streets, lol. You’re not like me. You can’t do it like me. And I’m right . You can’t. The best parts of every outfit I’ve ever worn is my confidence.  Literally, the best accessory.


I’m going to keep rocking confidence and my vintage clothes so, get used to it.

until next time,

— details —
Blazer:  Martha Black Vintage; similar here and here
Mom Jeans: Mandees; similar here 
Heels: Stuart Weitzman (thrifted); similar here
Bag: Coach (thrifted); similar here and here



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