Self Care Your Way Through Tough Situations!

fullsizeoutput_2464Beautiful people, beautiful people! I’m back like Mercury was never in Metrograde (whatever that means). It’s been a while and when I’m not feeling myself, theres no way I can come on here and try to inspire you. I hope you understand and respect my honesty. For those who haven’t kept up with my on Instagram, don’t worry. One day sooner rather than later, I will fully update you on what’s been going on since we’ve last spoken. But, until then, let’s just talk about what’s been going on lately … cool?

fullsizeoutput_242cI’m looking good and feeling better these days! When Aprill 1st hit, there was a mindset and energy around me that shifted for the betterment of my thoughts and actions. After all of the self work I have been putting in along with the weather showing up for some good times, I was finally starting to feel free again from whatever has been going on. My universe had aligned! Mercury was out of retrograde, hail the gawds.

fullsizeoutput_2475When I sat down and thought about the self work I’ve done, and trust me there’s been a lot, I realized all of things I have been doing are some fake jedi mind tricks that any one of you can do in many situations to help you feel better and hopefully, pull you out whatever “rut” we all sometimes fall into. Ready? Let’s do it.


fullsizeoutput_243a1) PRAY. 

For me, every process starts with prayer. Most of my life I’ve felt alone and even now that I know I’m not, anxiety, depression, and real life situations can feel very lonely. However, my truth is I’m never alone. I always have a confidante, a protector, a friend in my Father. So, that’s where every process begins. It doesn’t have to be closed hands and bended knee every time. Sometimes I just sit in my bed or my car and just express my concerns, needs & ask for guidance and comfort. When I am genuine, I can’t think of a time I havent walked away feeling comforted in my journey.

fullsizeoutput_24452. “WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD.”

When you take the time out to put yourself first, do the necessary steps to put effort into your presentation and actually like the outcome? CHYLE. There’s no better feeling or confidence booster. The other day while scrolling down my Instagram feed I saw someone post ‘Aint nothing like getting gassed up at the gas station’ or something like that, haha! #Facts. There is an attractive energy that surrounds you when you’re feeling yourself. Even if you don’t start feeling good immediately, and the people’s compliments aren’t doing it for you … its a hell of a way to fake it until you do feel better! Taking care of yourself on the outside is a way for people to think you’re taking care of on the inside. The truth is, you are!

fullsizeoutput_247d3. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO DO.

Tap into your favorite hobby. Explore that attractions you’ve always wanted to see. Have fun doing that activity you placed on the back burner. Indulge in your guilty pleasures! Usually all creative activities intrigue me however, thrifting is one of my favorite rewards. Love to go out to eat, love to dance and shake my ass but, thrifting speaks to my souls; sparking that exclusively honed in creativity that reminds me of a special time in life I was MOST comfortable with myself. Thrifting is my thing. Styling and upcycling is my thing. When I need a pick-me-upper, I go to my thing. It may take 4 hours to find one piece but, its MY totally-worth-it 4 hours. Everyone has a “thing” and can use your theirs to benefit them. Whether it’s getting mentally ( & fashionably) prepared for job interviews to clawing my way out of S.A.D, I’ve done both. For anyone interested in find “their thing”, my suggestion is to make a list of 5 THINGS YOU’RE ALWAYS IN THE MOOD TO DO. Start there.

fullsizeoutput_244d4. CHECK SOMETHING OFF YOUR TO-DO LIST.

This Winter, I wised up on using productivity to make me feel good. Therefore, when I’m feeling down, I go to my many to-do lists and get to work. One by one, I start to physically check tasks off my list. If you don’t have a tangible list, that’s fine for now. Think of anything that you’ve been meaning to work on and just start doing. My “non-list” tasks have been everything from cleaning the bathroom, to shooting an look, to putting making a meal just for the hell of it. It gives me the feeling of accomplishment and in return, I feel pretty darn good about myself. When you’re intentional about putting  yourself first, it’s a mental win for the scoreboard! I’ve shared this with friends who have  tried the to-do list challenge and have reported back with amazing reveals! I wonder what you may discover.

fullsizeoutput_247e5. GET UP AND GET OUT.

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, just get up and get out! No, really. I know your home feels safe and comforting because it’s supposed to feel that way. But, its also enabling you to continue to be “stuck.” If there’s one thing I am sure of, getting out of the house in the beginning of your day can make a world of difference in your mental space. One day its the wind slapping in the face as I automatically push back, that remind me of my resilience. Another day it’s life continuing around me, reminding of me of my place in the world and the mission I am on. And sometimes it’s just that good old Mr. Sun shining down on me that feels too AMAZING to be sad!

fullsizeoutput_243eYou never know who God might place into your path when you’re going down the street to take few pictures because you look amazing and haven’t behind the camera in a while. When you do the work, the “universe” rewards you. One day you’ll look up and you’ve self cared your way out of that tough situation time and time again!

fullsizeoutput_247cAlways remember you have the power to change the energy that’s within and surrounds you. With intentional living and little extra loving on thy self, I’ve gone from blah to BOOM and felt good about it all! So, I know you can too!

fullsizeoutput_242aI’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these tips or if you have some of your own. I always say its a community, so share the wealth!


Until next time,

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