How To Slay Your Life!


Hey Beautiful People! It’s been a while but, as you know, I have been living my on-the-go life! Actually, to be honest, I have been living the life I have wanted to live but, was waiting for some magical door to open and the people on the other side to invite me in. That quote from Sakita always keeps me in check when I am questioning my capabilities and strength. “Stop waiting for others to give you permission to do the things you want to do.” She told me that quote months ago and I have been getting my life together since. Thanks Sakita! Keep a girl gang that gets you off your butt as much as keeps you grounded.

I say all of that to say, ya girl has been living! My best. On The Go. Unapologetically. This month I ran a photography special and booked photoshoots all month long for #ClickWuzHere, finally claiming the title so many people gave me years ago. Photographer. Being on the other side the camera is dope. I can’t decide which I love more!


So naturally when my girl Flash of @ohhthatsjustflash hit me up and wanted to collaborate and create magic in front of the camera — you know I was down. Mind you, we’ve been trying to do this for a while and finally just set a date and the rest flowed to make happen. I researched a few looks to get a vibe, hit up my boy @TheCollectiveV who’s the dopest NJ photographer I know and got to work. Well, not really work because like I said, it all came together. I had most of these pieces and thrifted a skirt and reworked it into my top. Then, VOILA … MAGIC!


Yes, this is a skirt that has been reworked into a top. You know me.


So, how do you slay your life, you ask? One. You put your oxygen mask on first and take care of self. Without you being here, happy and healthy — you are no good to anyone and definitely not someone that slays. Slay by making self care a priority and whatever that means to you.


Next, you boss up. Stop waiting for permission of others when you can give it to yourself. You have your goals and dreams for a reason. You have that talent and those gifts without question. Use them. Share them. Boss up and slay. If no one told you before, let me be the first — it’s your destiny. The end.


I mean, it really isn’t that simple yet, it is. Sometimes we just have to take a step back. Look at the bigger picture. As long as you have a beat in your heart, you have purpose. What a waste it would be to deny yourself and the world of all of your beautiful magic. What a sorrow it be if you did not slay your life, as you and I, both know you should! Let’s both hop on the train and … *snaps finger & twirls* SLAY! Just saying 😉

PS. Major shoutout to Flash — girl, we did that … haha!

Photography: The Collective Vision

— details —
Camo pieces: Thrifted; similar here and here
Top: Thrifted skirt & reworked; similar here  or here 
Booties: Proenza Schouler via The RealReal, similar here



3 Replies to “How To Slay Your Life!”

  1. All I know is your instagram page showed up I clicked and I love your vibe. I like that you’re a bit eccentric and your hair reminds me of my sister’s own….i just told her to check out some of your hair photos so she can try some of those styles…you’ll have the same type of hair. Love tha you are doing your thing. I have to meet you one day.

    1. Omg, Kyle! Thank you so much. You just brightened up my day with you stopping by and your comment. Thank you for your kind words and yesss, tell Sissy to check these stylesss! 😝 Please DM me on Instagram so I know who you are and we can keep in touch.

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