Spring Into Action!

Version 2

Hey Beautiful People! We finally made it to see April and what appears to be real Spring.  Let me not jinx us though and just appreciate the days without snow until Mother Nature let’s us know it’s real. Right? It was looking and feeling shaky for a couple of weeks but, it seems like Mercury has calmed her retrograding self down and we all can finally live again. Praise the Lord! 


All jokes aside, there’s something about these transitional seasons that gets me all in my unfiltered & chaotic whirlwind of feelings that I can’t seem to shake, even when I put every ounce of effort I have to try. Those are the moments I just sit back and trust the process, knowing this too shall pass. But, let me tell you — it’s not always easy to keep your mind clear and head on straight when you literally have the universal force working against you. However, like all seasons, it has come to an end and I’m left to pick up the pieces.


Thankfully, it only took me 2 out of the 3 weeks to figure out it wasn’t me, it was the world *insert sarcasm*. Once realized, I took inventory of my life and made a game plan to attack the moment everything eased up.


& that’s exactly what I did! 

Writing down my goals next to my efforts are visual souvenir indicating if I am on the right track. It gives me time to check-in and to also, realign myself so, I can level up and spring into action, at any given moment. See, my thing is — I’m on a journey to conquer myself! That’s the real mission to complete. I know once accomplished, the sky is the limit. So, it’s about time I got serious and on it. No more time to waste, just wasting time.


I can be my own worst enemy, standing in my own way. This year is about not only standing in our truths and going after our goals but, if Cardi B taught us anything it’s don’t let anyone stop you from being you and if you want to, there’s no reason you can’t so, make it happen for yourself and the ones coming after you. Get it!

“Im a boss … making money moves!”


I’ve been starting each morning with prayer and positive thoughts, making sure my goals and desires are achieved through intent and sheer will. Some nights I am staying up until 2a researching and taking pictures and doing all of the things I do. Trust me, I know I’m not where I could be but, right now I’m exactly where I should be. 

Snapseed 5

I know its more about the journey than the destination. I know every step on my path is a part of my mission. I know every detail of my life, God has not overlooked. I walk with faith not by sight, always with the spirit of strength and courage bared in my chest.

Accepting this is bigger than me. I have chosen to check-in. I have chosen to be grateful. I have chosen to take off the mask and delight in the transparency, for that is my mission, my purpose and my truth. Some may not understand right now but, it may not be for them. The ones that do, we connect and uplift each other in ways that mean more than you will ever know. So, thank you.


They say it takes a village to raise a child but, what about the adult that has not yet met her best version yet? Wholeheartedly believe we continue to help each other grow and achieve, as we are a part of each others paths. Without you all, I am not able to connect. Without the pain I have endured, I would not be able to live the way I do now. Its all a part of the design.

Snapseed 2

Once accepted, once you decide to live, as you should, in the ways that you are, you start to feel the world shift. You start to feel your thoughts fill your existence with such excitement, the world seems brighter, your feet seem lighter, the weight isn’t as great to bare. Trust me, I have gone from up to down and back around, twice over so, I have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about. Allow yourself to learn through my journey.

Snapseed 6

But, they don’t feel me though …

until next time,

— details —
Camo jacket: Thrifted; similar here and here
Jean Jacket: Gap; similar here  or here 
Sweater & Pants: H&M; similar here and here 
Sneakers: Stan Smith by Adidas, purchase here



photography by: STACi P. 


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