Take Me Back To #WakandaForeverPony!

Hey Beautiful People! “Wakanda, forever” is shouted several times in the past 7 days, with the same passion rehearsed opening week of Black Panther. I can’t help it. This week I rocked a hairstyle that channeled my inner Shuri so, bare with me, as I do a finesse these hair deets.

First, let’s talk about how I did not fully prepare for Black Panther Friday. When did the memo go out that we were supposed to dress up in our finest African garb or in all black like Kim’s omen. Was I out of the loop because I wasn’t an action hero kinda kid? I mean,  the closest thing I got to hero’s were Captain Planet and crew.

Quickly I learned, this Black Panther crew ain’t nothing to mess with. Sorry NWA. Shoutout to the new (is that possible?) OGs. I don’t know but, this movie was sick. I shouldn’t have watched it in 3-D, yup, that’s me. Always doing the most. Nevertheless, the story, the moral, the action (love me some fighting scenes) the costumes, the soundtrack, the vibes, the energy. Oh, the energy. Everything about this movie made me proud to be a Black woman.

So last week when I was down in the dumps, struggling to stay a float, it felt like a rebirth to wake up to a brighter day on Monday. Ready to kick this weeks ass, I intentionally got dressed and beat my face. Something in me really wanted to rock a sleek top knot, so I prepped with Creme of Nature’s Shine & Hold Control Glue. Accidentally, I let go of my hair tie too early, which resulted in a double bun/ponytail situation which was way too fierce to take out. Instead, I officially named it the #WakandaForeverPony and snapped some selfies to remember the slay.

Never mind the fact that this Control Glue has had my hair secure for the past 5 days but, let’s just discuss the style that has bought back so much confidence, I was so desperately seeking.

Just like the Shuri, the badass warrior in me was ready to take on anything in my way. If Wakanda is anything like this feeling, take me back. Now. No layovers.

This is the most I’ve ventured out with my hair in a while. Can’t front — I love it. However, I want to know your thoughts. How are you feeling my #WakandaForeverPony — let me know! This just might have been the best mistake ever I’ve made in a while or should i have left this one unseen? haha

until next time,

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