Claim Your Great Days!


Hey Beautiful People! I hope everyone is a having a good week so far! Let’s just say I’m making it happen!

IMG_1074From the moment I woke up on Monday morning, I planned to have an amazing day. I was serious about getting back on track so, I put claims on my day, told some people I came in contact with and went after each moment with extreme intent! I guess #MyYearOfIntent isn’t quite over yet, huh?IMG_1091From writing out what I wanted to get done, to setting mini goals that would make me feel good once accomplished — I was up early and hitting the ground running!

Sometimes taking a shower and getting out of the house is my biggest feat for a Monday. But, not that Monday. That Monday, I had the mentality of power and set a goals to go to bed feeling nothing short of accomplished.


From laundry to this photo shoot, to hitting up the book store to refreshing and braiding my hair at night. I did that. I banged it all out!


As I type this up, I’m proud (again) of the day I had. Especially knowing how I was struggling through last week, making strides that exude strength and regaining confidence from my effort was the ultimate day booster!


I’m grateful I was able to find ways to pick myself back up, which helps to keep the journey flowing. I am determined to stay healthy so frankly, there’s no other option. *Shrugs*

When I threw on my thrifted metallic blazer (which by the way, has some of the best button details I’ve seen in a while) and a pair of high waisted jeans to go with my semi-beat up Stan Smiths and I was street style heaven … I mean out of the door.

IMG_1099And bringing the necessary joy back to my life! IMG_1110

Focusing on the good so that can grow … hair, nails and booty included!

Don’t mind me while I live my life and become the best version of myself.


Catch you on the good foot, beautiful people!

until next time,

— details —
Turtleneck & Jeans: H&M; similar here  or here 
Blazer: Thrifted; similar here and here 
Sneakers: Stan Smith by Adidas, purchase here



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