Self Love: The Unintentional Way


Hey Beautiful People! Happy Saturday — I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and making the best of their “free time.” I would come on here and talk about everything that I’ve been dealing with, trying to get back on the good foot, keeping my head afloat and locating that motivation I had before the start of the year.


But, its the freakin weekend and I really just want to edit a video, watch another episode (or two) of Seven Seconds and try not to spend all of my coins in all of the wrong places.

Sometimes self care isn’t putting too much pressure on ourselves. Sometimes it’s just taking some time off, or at least tricking our minds into thinking we’re off. Sometimes it’s having that bowl of ice-cream we’ve been eyeing down every time we open the freezer or spending our morning getting lost in someone else’s feed for more time than we’d like to admit. Sometimes its being unintentional about our actions. Sometimes it’s just living.


Only Lord (and every other person on a journey) knows being intentional about all aspects of life can be daunting and exhausting. When I fall short, I am extremely hard on myself, bursting any bubbles that may be on the rise. I know I have to cut that crap out but, sometimes its not all of that easy.


These are the times I do whatever I need to just to feel good about myself again. Doing whatever needs to be done so I can look at myself in a mirror and see love and not failure. Doing what I need to do so I recognize that fire sparking under my ass and the jones back in my bones. Sometimes it’s about pouring into ourselves in a way that only makes sense to us!


Someone may not understand how getting a great deal on a pack of new highlighters can invigorate my soul but, it does. Another person may not understand that throwing on a pair of dope leggings on, that were gifted to me so I can attend an Influencer event serves as a reminder of my achievements and success. Someone else may not understand how wearing a hoodie in one of my favorite hues, not caring about how wild or put together my hair is, all while rocking my favorite vamp lip is the ultimate confidence booster … but it was. Just as much as sharing and reflecting on those moments. I am practicing self care as I type, breathe and listen. I remember I am love.


Although some may not understand our walks in life or what we might need in order to be our best version, my goal is to always stay connected with myself enough, even in the depths of despair, to understand who I am at all times. Even if I can’t grasp it at that moment, understand what it means to take the time to get there.


I am able to respect my journey and in return, I have nothing but respect for myself.

So, when life calls for a time out, I take it. When life serves me lemons, I whip up a half and half. When the universe doesn’t feel like its all the way aligned, I take the ride anyway, knowing that as long as I keep walking, putting one foot in front of the other, I will find my path again.

IMG_0191So today, on this Saturday, I am able to come to you and say “Shit has been rough.” I’ve slipped up a little but haven’t fallen. Best of all, I am still standing with a smile.

Even dropping it low to flex… sometimes.IMG_0186The details of the journey are dope but, living it is way doper.


IMG_0167Blame it on the self love.IMG_0230I love who I am becoming.

In the mean time, I hope you all continue to push yourself in areas that you need pushing and give yourself a break when necessary. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Cheers to freakin the weekend! Catch y’all on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!


until next time,

— details —
Coat: Target; similar here  or here 
Leggings: Adidas; similar here and here 
Sneakers: Stan Smith by Adidas, purchase here



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    1. Thank you for stopping by and dropping a line. I truly appreciate it. I’ll keep sharing, you keep reading! 🙂

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