My Inner Cookie Lyons at Nana’s Funeral


Hey Beautiful People! All weekend I have been thinking about how to approach this blog post and I still haven’t figured it out. I guess its because I’m still processing what this post means and I don’t think I am ready to come to terms with everything that is.


Last week my grandmother (mostly known as Nana) passed away. It hurt more than I thought it would and the grieving process has taken a toll on my mental. So, I took a break from social media, and frankly, the world this weekend and tried to regroup. Still not there but, I am working through the motions and taking each day by day. It’s deeper than rap so, let’s just talk this ‘fit.

My grandmother, more than most people, loved the way I dressed. She loved the way I shopped, thrifted, bargain hunted. She’s the reason I know how to make something from nothing and look like a million bucks while doing it. She will forever be my inspiration.


When it was time to figure out what I was going to wear, I told myself

“I’m bringing out my inner Cookie Lyons and I wish a Boo Boo Kitty would.”


Do you think I nailed it?


Nana would be proud.


Even more because, the only purchase I made for the day was my hat. The hat was essential for the look but, everything else was already in my closet and reworked to slay the Gods.

Wore this strapless black jumpsuit back in September for date night and over the summer for my friend’s wedding. All 3 times, its worn differently — this look paired with a fitted turtleneck that I purchased off season for $3. SCORE!


I know Nana was looking down saying “WORK, babe. WORK!”

I’m glad I didn’t wear the bright pink vintage suit and kept it classy and chic.

fullsizeoutput_76dI’d love to discuss the details with her, letting her know my earrings are Salt Empire and my necklace is from IV Jewelry.



I’d love to dance with my Nana again.


I know she’s looking down on me. I know she’s going to protect me.


I know what we shared. I know she knows what she meant to me.


I will carry her heart, lessons & a handkerchief (just like she taught me) with me always.


Rest In Heaven, Nana.


Until we meet again,

Forever your babe.


*sorry for any errors/typos — not in the right head space. may edit later.*

3 Replies to “My Inner Cookie Lyons at Nana’s Funeral”

  1. You nailed the look ! Even during the hardest times you manage to still be you and shine while doing so ! Condolences to you and your family !
    RIP Nana … 💕

  2. Love the look 😍🙌🏽. Very sorry to hear about your Nana. I send you and your family my condolescenes, God Bless you!

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