Super Dope, the real me.


Hey beautiful people! You know what? When I decided to be more transparent, show you all more of the real me, from my anxiety struggles to the real outfits I wear, I have felt more connected and more comfortable with you all. You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself — you all are the best.

Truth is, I’m a self proclaimed “occasional dresser,” meaning I dress for specific occasions. Haha simple enough, right? I know some people have signature wardrobe choices, from silhouettes to color schemes. Not me. My closet looks like a department store; a little something for everyone. There is nothing “defined” about my wardrobe. I tried the whole capsule wardrobe thing but, it only worked for working in an office. Actually, it worked really well for my office job.


These days it depends on my day — where I’m going, what I’m doing, who I’m seeing, how much walking I will be doing, how comfortable I’m going to want to be. I always lean for the comfort side of the spectrum but, if it’s a nice dinner, date night or girls night out — I just may sacrifice a little comfort for sass and style but, most of the time, aint no compromising bih.


Would you believe when I bought this fur faux coat, I only had sweats in mind with it? From the sales associate to my sister-cousin, they all thought I was crazy and hit me with “SWEATS? Nooo. A nice outfit with dress and heels,” to which I responded “No! A sweatsuit and kicks.” Them looking at me, thinking whats wrong with her? Me looking at them, thinking “wait until they see my vision.”

I’m still on the hunt for a full sweatsuit but, an oversized hoodie and over the knee boots works for now. Super chill, super dope.

P1340022So me. P1340035

Thats the point. All of these journeys are connected. Yea, today we are talking fashion but, the bigger picture is always about self love, care and growth. The more I love on myself, the less I am worried, concerned or effected by what others think. The more secure I become my gifts, as much as my flaws, the more I’m comfortable giving the world more of the real me. The more I understand myself, the more I love who I am.


You all know it’s been a long process and topsy-turvy journey but, its mine and I’m proud of the growth. I could continue to style outfits, as I would dress a client, or show you the character I am portraying for the day …


or I could do the work and show you the real me because I’ve showed up for myself.


I choose me. Showing up for myself. Showing you the real me.


Hey guys!


What can I say? It’s fun being me.

until next time,

— details —
Faux Fur Coat: Target; similar here and here
Hoodie: Another Story; similar here
Thigh High Boots: Urban Outfitters; similar here and here
Necklace: I.V. Jewelry; purchase here



2 Replies to “Super Dope, the real me.”

  1. You know i love this ensemble! And every time we’ve met up to shoot I’ve thought “how come she doesn’t post this outfit, I’d wanna see that in the blog!” When you got it you got it! You already know i love your style!

    1. Hi Keisha! Thanks for the love on the outfit! haha, I’m working on it. Most of the time when I get dressed, I just throw things on but, for photoshoots, I try to be more presentable. In actuality, I like my everyday looks more than my styled so, I’ll get there and show more. Thanks girl!

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