Curl’s Dynasty Defines My Curls & Confidence!


Hey Beautiful People! Lately I’ve been full of confidence (still grounded, of course) but, after I took my Senegalese twists out, I was worried it was all a facade. As I continue to grow on this self love journey, I wasn’t completely sure. So, I used some of my new products from #CC12DaysofGiveaways and finally tested Curls Dynasty Kalahari Smoothie Leave-In and Vanilla Cream Custard on a Winter Wash and Go!

First, I washed my hair using the Cocoa Mint Moisture Rich Shampoo and conditioned with the Give Me Slip Blast Hydration Conditioner, which left my curls cleansed, moisturized and prepped to style.


Next, I sectioned my hair and applied the Kalahari Smoothie Leave-In to each section. The Kalahari Smoothie Leave-In is a very light but very creamy leave-in conditioner. As soon as I applied the Kalahari Smoothie Leave-In, I immediately started to see my curls to take shape and define. I almost didn’t want to put in anything else in my hair but, the way this frizz is set up … had to. 


Then, I applied the Vanilla Cream Custard to my curls, creating even more definition to the texture and sealed everything in with olive oil.

*Confession: I recorded the Instagram video twice. I used too much Vanilla Cream Custard the first time and was left with flakes all throughout my hair.

Pro tip: Using a dime size amount of Vanilla Cream Custard, massage the product in the palm of your hand, rubbing in until the product is creamy and there are no flakes. Then, apply the product to your hair. Apply more, as needed. If you do apply too much and notice flakes, spray some water on that section and smooth in the product to your hair. Once your hair is dry, the flakes will go away if you didn’t use too much product.

Normally, I use the LCO method on my hair but, the combination of the Kalahari Smoothie Leave-In and the Vanilla Cream Custard, not only gave me a defined wash and go but, voluminous too!


Once my hair air dried, I used a wide tooth comb and fluffed my roots to stretch my curls and give them a little bit more volume! Even still, curls were moisturized and defined, leaving me completely obsessed!


For 3 days I walked around, looking and smelling like paradise thanks to Curl’s Dynasty. Doubting my confidence, thinking it was the twists — nope. It’s all me. Instilled and flexin. This Winter Wash and Go with Curl’s Dynasty was the perfect reminder! Watch the below video to see how I got down with Curls Dynasty for this wash and go.

Bomb, right? I want everything now. It’s time to get familiar — Curl’s Dynasty Kalahari Leave-In Smoothie and the Vanilla Cream Custard are the business! Which products have you tried?

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until next time,



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