More Than A Conqueror.


Hey Beautiful People! I hope you all had a great weekend — and if you’re lucky — you’re off and able to celebrate Martin Luther King’s legacy and his day. If you’re like me and grinding through it all, we can still take the time to honor his gifts to our community and presence that we still feel today. I mean really, can you imagine what this world, people and places of color, our lives would have been like if He was never killed or even alive today? Oh, the possibilities.


Although we are still living in a world that I’m sure he was fighting to change, I still believe. Yes, I still believe in the possibilities. I still believe that no weapons formed against me shall prosper. Like Kirk Franklin said “I’m more than a conqueror.”


This weekend I had a family member completely disrespect me, thinking it would get a rise out of me. I’m sure that’s what they wanted. I’ve taught myself not to react so, while I was finding ways to calm myself down from the anger, hurt and frustration — in my clear thoughts, I realized it was only a distraction. A distraction from the bigger picture. My bigger picture.


I could have given this person exactly what they wanted and deserved however, the energy it was taking me to be angry, trying to come up with a reasoning why this person would do such a thing, the 2-5 minutes of my petty thoughts and the rest of the night I spent trying to shake the feeling was too much energy spent in the wrong place. Too much energy spent being distracted.

So when I woke up the next morning, I had a different spirit on my heart. I had a true awareness of the test and although I didn’t Ace it — I, for sure, passed! I will not let anyone or anything steal my joy. It’s just not worth it.


Standing in my truth — I did a little song and dance, while I faith walked through the day.


See, there are Martin’s and there are Malcolm’s in the world. I used to only show my Malcolm side — testing me, I would test you right back. But, with maturity and growth (thank God for the journey) the Martin in me comes out a lot more than he used to and I’m proud to say — I like it so much more that way!


Now, don’t get it twisted — Malcolm still resides but, he’s on an extended vacation with the PJ fueled and ready to go!


I’m about that take flight life but, these days I want to make sure I’m flying only in the direction towards my future and goals, striving to be the best version of me. I know I can’t do that fighting every battle that’s not even mine to fight. Sometimes I have to take however much time is needed to not act and just think.


To remind myself of who I am — of where I want to be. If I do things as “they” do, I am just like them. Knowing and remembering that, I am able to show up for myself and the person I want to be. I am able to recognize reacting does more harm than it does good. I choose to stick with all things that feel good, knowing it’s a silent indication that I’m on the right track. That’s all I need to know.


I’m okay with letting my Martin shine more than my Malcolm but, never more than me!


until next time,

— details —
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Dress: H&M; similar here or here
Lace Overlay: Forever 21; similar here and here
Booties; Aldo, similar here
Necklace: I.V. Jewelry; purchase here
Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics



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