Walking Shoes for the Journey.


Hey Beautiful People! Just checking in for Week 2 and sending you well wishes on all of your journeys. I was reminded this week that it is not about the destination at the end of the journey but, more so about the journey itself. So often I forget.

I can get so caught up in the end results, always wanting to achieve, push through and come out on top. I have to remember the journey is just is important, if not more.


The journey is where the lessons lie, where the hope and faith is renewed! The journey is the meat of the sandwich, the end results are the bread. (Well, maybe that was a bad analogy because I really, really like bread and #pescatarian but, you know where I was going with it.) Basically, the journey is the good stuff! The journey is what you rely on when the struggle comes, what you use to push through. To keep it funky, the journey is the work and the most beautiful part to the experience.


Of course, we want the results. Oh, we love them! But for me, results are mere trophies on the shelf that I get to look at find motivation to keep going through the journey. Or they allow me a moment of celebrating myself, something I rarely do (but, I’m working on that, too). Results are concrete tools for the journey.


It’s a cycle that I am proud to be one that goes a little something like Work, work, work, work, work … (my people sang Rihanna while reading, haha) get results, celebrate a little,  then I look at that “trophy” and find the motivation to hop on my next journey. It’s all about the next tour through self-love, the next trek through trauma, the upcoming expedition surrounding positivity, the quest through the truth, the crusade towards your calling, the flight towards your best version. The journey is where it’s at!

Until I fill out the shoes God destined for me, I am not done. There will always be a journey to voyage, always a path to walk on.


Maybe not in these Calvin Klein booties, but my shoes are made for walking …


… & that’s just what I’m going to do!


until next time,

— details —
Faux Fur Coat: Target; purchase here 
Denim Jacket: Gap; similar here
(Dress worn as) Top: Who What Wear Collection at Target; similar here
Booties; Calvin Klein, similar here




2 Replies to “Walking Shoes for the Journey.”

  1. Thanks for this reminder!! The journey is just as magical as the results. This right in time for me because I’ve been super results focused lately!

    1. Micia, girl. Thank you so much for reading this. Being results focused can help and hinder us. I am glad you’re aware of your focus and in return, taking the necessary actions to redirect your attention. The journey is sooooo magical — keep shining, beautiful! xo

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