Gratitude Your Way Through The Holidays!

Hey Beautiful People!


I just wanted to stop by and say thank you. Thank you for this past month on Instagram and #CC12DaysofGiveaways — thank you to every single one of you who participated, you’re the reason it was so amazing. I wanted to find a way to give back to you in a big way and I was so excited to see the comments expressing the fun and appreciation for “the chance” to win a prize. Ugh, those messages were everything! I did all of it for you, guys — so, thank YOU!


and of course, all 12 brands that sponsored every amazing giveaway prize! Can’t thank them enough. I’d like to know from you all, which was your favorite giveaway and why.  I want to do more but, I need to know what you liked, didn’t like and obviously, want more of, so leave a comment below, if you can, and give ya girl the deets!


But, on the real, I wanted to come on here and send a message to those who are having a difficult time during the Holiday Season for whatever reason. I get it.

I get it because I have been there. I’m a smile away from being there. So, I understand.


But, trust me — we are going to make it through and it’s going to get better. Only if you believe it will though – only if you trust it will, only if you know it will. I say this because, just the other day I was dreading today.  I was dreading the holidays. Heck, on Thanksgiving, I spent it driving around trying to find somewhere to eat, ending up at Whole Foods (which by the way, made me sick so, yea, there’s that) and bought my laptop with me to Starbucks and sat there until close. Yes, I was that girl.


But, you know what I realized during and after that day. I realized how grateful I was… am to be able to do every single thing I did. I was grateful to know, or rather be reminded, of the feeling of being alone. I am grateful to have the understanding and empathy to be able to connect with others that may feel just as lonely. I am grateful for the experience. Why? Because when I do have my family, my household full of holiday cheer, I will be even more grateful because I’ll know, I’ll remember what it was like to be without and how I prayed for everything I have today.


I haven’t always had to the understanding, positivity or the gratitude for this thing called life. I always saw myself as a victim, even when I was calling myself a survivor. However, I guess enough of saying it, I now believe it.

fullsizeoutput_37cMore and more — I am a thriver, not only surviving but, choosing to live my best life … not tomorrow, not next month but, today and everyday. The attitude of gratitude is changing the game for me. It doesn’t mean I don’t have struggles, still. Oh, trust me, I do. But, now, I’m genuinely grateful for the struggles, for the mishaps, for the hardships. Its not my job to figure out why — it’s only my job to be grateful for every experience I have and continue to truck torward the life I want to live, even on Christmas Day when I’m not spending it how I truly want to. Even still.

fullsizeoutput_38aSo, today — if you’re struggling to get through, if you’re not feeling the season, if you’re so ready for it be over — I feel you and I get it. Completely get it. Shit sucks sometimes. But, truthfully, it can get better if you let it. There are so many of us out there that feel the same way so, why not do something that’s going to make you feel better about your situation, about your life? Why not choose to fill up on gratitude? I mean, that’s what I’m doing. I found a way to include service and self-care in my day! Hopefully, I’ll be able to share shortly.

fullsizeoutput_398Regardless of the path I have walked in the past, I am choosing to walk a different path today. A more humble, more grateful, more powerful path. I am choosing to seize today and embrace all that’s here today. If I feel sadness, it’s okay. I embrace it but, choose to be happy. Even though I may understand where the sadness comes from, I still deserve and choose to be happy instead so, I’m going to be happy. Instead of wishing I had a family to spend today with, I am going to be grateful for the healthy mind and mean chef wrist 😉 that I do have. fullsizeoutput_3a3

Honestly, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you. Thank you to every single one of you who has made a difference in my life this year. Thank you for every comment, every message, every like and share. Thank you for all of the comforting messages and uplifting words. My hopes are to share the same with you — encourage, remind or let you know you’re going to make it through today. Give you the comfort of not being alone and the strength to call on me (or anyone else) that you may need. We can get through this. I’m with you in spirit and one DM, one email, one tweet away.


I love you beautiful people! Thank you.

until next time,





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