The Real You

Hey Beautiful People! This past weekend was very eventful (no pun intended) but, the conversations that surfaced was everything that I didn’t know I needed and so much more!


If you asked me last year, do I feel like I have people in my life that truly understand the creative struggle — eh, not really. However, over the year,  I’ve really invested in myself and my brand which has resulted in a group of people that truly understand and support this creative process. It took me years to find them but, they are slowly trickling in my life and I’m so appreciative of them!

IMG_6681IMG_6684Over this past weekend, it seems like I got a chance to connect with most of those individuals and …. I totally got my life! Unexpectedly but, I got my life!

I don’t know if my “support squad” realized how much they poured into me this weekend (some of you all are very aware, lol) but, the messages that were spoken, the testimonies that were shared and advice that was given was right on time. Everything that I needed to hear in this moment. In this time. In this space.




Woo! Makes me want to shout and I have been doing a lot of that lately, too!

Every day I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone but, still stay grounded and true to who I am. As an extremely private person, its not always easy to share in this blogging world however, I truly believe transparency is key. I truly believe in genuine connections. I truly appreciate honesty, in all aspects.


So here I am. I give you me. The real me.


I ask to see the real you.



Normally, I show up in a “styled” outfit and share “inspiration.” Well, this is me not in photoshoot mood, but rather chilling and running errands. Casual, comfortable and in my truest form.


Yes, I will still share inspiration but, I am going to show more of me. More of the real me. Not my social media persona. Not who I want to be but, rather who I am right now in this moment. I think thats much easier than chasing the woman I am going to be. Instead I am accepting who I am right now, loving her and being okay with other seeing her for who she is. Ever evolving, ever changing and that is all the way okay. Its not easy but, its most definitely okay.


Slowly but surely, Im understanding this life thing. lol.



This is the me I want you all to get to know.


until next time,



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