What’s your favorite oil to use for your LOC Method? 

Hey Curlfriends! As we approach wash day — some of you may be reading this as you’re deep conditioning your hair — I was wondering …

What’s your favorite oil to use during LOC/LCO Method?

My hair loves olive oil to seal during my initial LCO on wash day. It’s my go-to, always have in stock, on deck type of love. As you can see, the olive oil is dripping on my neck in the picture above but, I just let it do its thing — penetrating the follicles and giving that ultra shine! As a child, I had scalp issues. Even at one point, having to use medicated shampoos and conditioners to treat the dandruff. It got really bad. Although I grew out of it, my hair still tends to get very dry. I’ve found realized the lemon acid in olive oil helps to get rid of any dandruff I had. Olive oil is bae.

Also, I use coconut oil as a refresher & because it’s so light, I can use it daily, if needed.  I use Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican Black Castor oil on my edges and their new Red Pimento oil for scalp massages!

I’m interested in venturing out a little more and trying a blend of oils. I have tried jojoba in the past however, I think I had some sort of reaction to it because the itching ya girl would feel all over was unbearable! Had to nix that from that the shelf but, now I’m ready to start over. I’ve been thinking of grapeseed and hempseed oils — what do you all think?

If you’ve tried either one, please share you experiences. You know this thing is a community effort, lol. Also, if you’ve tried any others that you rave about, please share. I only know what I know and you’re really the ones with the juice!

Can’t wait to chat!

until next time, 


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