Extra Frills & Confidence!

Hey Fly Friends! You know what I keep reminding myself? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with confidence and there’s nothing wrong with looking at yourself in the mirror and having a YESSSUHHH moment. I feel like we’re so conditioned to “be humble” and to “dumb down” ourselves to make others feel better about themselves and I am so not here for that anymore. I do not believe anyone should have to dim their own light and I wholeheartedly believe it is very healthy for you to love on yourself — even if you have to tell yourself you’re the sugar honey iced tea, every now and then. So, yea. Had one of those Kanye loves Kanye moments! *shrugs*

If my memory serves me right, I’ve only worn this tailored jumpsuit once, as the strapless version, last Summer with a bomb twistout to one of my oldest friends weddings. But, clothes are meant to be worn so, rightfully so, I had to figure out another way to rock it. All black? This was easy.

IMG_9295Paired with a off-white fringe jacket — another piece I’ve only worn once … last year to a friends holiday party … or maybe it was two years ago … I can’t remember now. Nevertheless, how cute is this fringe jacket and tailored jumpsuit combo? So fun! So Fall!


& I feel like my hair just made the whole look come together!

Rocking my Kinky Curly Yaki clip-ins seriously come through for this lazy natural. I love the volume and length it provides — had me feeling extra. Extra flawless. Extra fancy! Han?


For a full how-to and more details on how I achieved this look, check out this blog post.


Can we get into these earrings? Remember when I attended the #SteeleVain brunch? I finally got a chance to wear the gorgeous Petite Dusting Tassel Earrings that I was gifted from Salt Empire! They seriously brightened up my day and matched perfectly with my outfit, if I must admit.


Rocking my Girly Fringe from Essie’s Fall 2017 collection (also gifted at the #SteeleVain brunch — they took care of your girl!)


There’s nothing like getting all dressed up — I mean putting in the effort to do your hair, dab on highlighter and lipstick, strap on some heels and go out!


The memories are cool and all but, you know the real win is when you have pictures to prove it! lol


kidding, lol … kinda 🙂


until next time,

— details —
Jacket: H&M, similar here
Jumpsuit: H&M, similar here
shoes: Jessica Simpson, similar here
earrings: Salt Empire, buy here
bag: Acne, similar here
Hair: Kinky Curly Yaki ‘Afro Kinky Curly’ clip-ins 18″/220g, buy hereuse code ‘COCOANDCLICK’ on $150+ orders



2 Replies to “Extra Frills & Confidence!”

  1. First of all…I love how your words capture your essence lol. And second, you touched on something that took me a long time to grasp! The correlation between Confidence and Humility. Love the ensemble and that hairstyle!

    1. Thank you. I write from the heart 🙂 I’m still trying to unlearn things I’ve been conditioned to think. It’s a mindf*ck when you think about it but it’s also the motivation that drives me! I’m not just going to be here minimizing myself to so the world can feel bigger. Nah. It’s time to love on she!! 😊😊

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