[RECAP] NaturallyShesDope’s #DopeBrunchNJ Event at Urban Griddle!

Hey Fly Friends! You all know I am a P R O U D Jersey girl — there’s no denying that! So, when NaturallyShe’sDope invited me to a New Jersey Blogger Link Up Brunch, I was excited and already there! New York City is usually everyone’s meet up place but, Jersey has way too much to offer to not represent. We all met up at Urban Griddle in Elizabeth (North Jersey for my out-of-staters … about 35 minutes from the city and a turnpike away from the shore) which, from what I heard, used to be an old diner taken over and revamped.

Photo Oct 28, 2 58 09 AM

The menu spoke to me saying “French toast (Challah bread) — the thick kind” I mean if those aren’t my words verbatim every time I order french toast. Looking down at the sides, it said “Grits. Not served after 11:30” Heartbroken. But, our amazing waitress double checked and BANGBANG, we had grits with cheese (she offered before I even had to ask) and Challah French toast for the win.

Photo Oct 28, 2 58 14 AM

We all ate and vibed over spritzers, curls and all things Jersey. So much so, I completely lost track of time, living in the present. Got the chance to meet some of my blogger boos and ladies I have seen & admired for the longest! This is why I love meet ups on a smaller scale because it really gives you the chance to connect with people, as opposed to photo ops and air kisses. Truly enjoyed getting to know each & every one of these beautiful and boss-move-making ladies.

Photo Oct 28, 2 58 25 AM

I’m going to let you finish but … Jersey girls do it better! Cheers, lol!

Photo Oct 28, 4 43 06 AM

After brunch, we went to the parking lot for a “quick picture” which turned into vibe session Part II and full on photoshoot with the NJ crew. I can’ thank Toya enough for bringing these beauties together and Jeff of PhotogsNatural for all the impromptu shots and photography advice!

Photo Oct 28, 4 42 42 AM

my blogger boo, Jade of @simplyjade_101

Photo Oct 28, 4 43 10 AM

@napturaldivas2adore … straight vibes with this one!

Photo Oct 28, 4 43 14 AM

sat across from @utopian_closet & @mschanelrenee; conversations full of encouragement!

Photo Oct 28, 4 44 50 AM

can we talk about @naturalsilversista is Chanel’s mom? I kept saying how much I absolutely love her hair & pray that God blesses with silver tresses like hers! Got to gawk at her gorgeousness and vibe with @belle_anoir all brunch long. From the moment we sat next to each other, it was endless jokes and stories!

Photo Oct 28, 4 43 26 AM

& @mrsphatandnaptural … so glad we finally got to meet!

Photo Oct 28, 4 43 40 AM

See. It wasn’t just me!

Photo Oct 28, 4 43 46 AM

Vibes & Flicks!

Photo Oct 28, 4 43 57 AM

That’s what happens when you get a bunch of bloggers together with phones and cameras close by. Issa photoshoot!

 @janaeraquelr @lovemichelleana and @ilovealimara

Photo Oct 28, 4 44 05 AM

@naturallyshesdope, the real MVP!

Photo Oct 28, 4 44 15 AM

For some reason Spencer from @curlyempress thought I was from NY, lol.

“What, girl? No.” Jersey all day, baby 🙂

Photo Oct 28, 4 44 26 AM

Jersey girls …

Photo Oct 28, 4 44 56 AM

doing what Jersey girls do!

Photo Oct 28, 4 45 04 AM (1)

heyy @barbie_conga!

Photo Oct 28, 4 46 41 AM

Now this one, my boo @ijeomakola! I could squeeze her & I’m sure I did after spotting each other, trying to talk across the table and finally having hugs with chats in real-time. THIS IS MY BOO and I told her, she’s always serving these boss weekend looks! Her jacket … everything and her jokes about my short arms not getting our pic … hilarious! Clearly, she has longer limbs, lol.

Photo Oct 28, 5 01 01 AM

What can I say ?

Photo Oct 28, 5 01 08 AM

It’s a Jersey thing.

Photo Oct 28, 4 47 04 AM

And the man with the plan. Jeff, better known to the natural hair community as @photog4naturals. This man shot the entire brunch and was camera ready for each and every one of us after the brunch. A true photographer knows how to direct and get the shot, all while making you comfortable in front of the camera. Anytime I work with a seasoned photographer, I feel beyond privileged. My curious self had a bunch of photography questions and without a hesitation, Jeff answered them all! I can not wait to see the impromptu magic that was created but in the meantime, …

Photo Oct 28, 5 20 56 AMPhoto Oct 28, 5 21 07 AMPhoto Oct 28, 5 22 09 AMPhoto Oct 28, 5 22 26 AM (1)

thanks for the shots, Spencer!

until next time,

— details —
sweater: thrifted, similar here
skirt: HM, similar here
boots: Aldo, similar here
hair: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Extra Hold, purchase here



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