Let Me Tell You About My Best Friends: Denim x Thrift


Hey Fly Friends! Do you know what I just realized? As much as I love and live in denim, I rarely show you all how I style them. For me, denim isn’t just another pair of jeans. It’s better than my cellphone, it’s my lifeline. Before going away to college, I had to struggle with sorting through, throwing out and packing over 100 pairs of jeans. I was 17. Why the heck did I have over 100 pairs of jeans? Only one reason. I was and have always been obsessed with denim. I just love it!


Honestly, I don’t think that obsession is ever going away and I’ve accepted the fact.


& do not get me started on the thrift store …


When people tell me they don’t thrift, I just can’t fathom it. I can not imagine my wardrobe, my LIFE without thrifting. It’s one of the best past times besides people watching and I mean, when you walk away with never seen before (by this generation, anyway) clothes for less than what you would pay at the swap meet (where is the swap meet? I only really know it is a reference.) — why wouldn’t you thrift?

I mean I get the whole, second hand, sifting through thing but, if you’re like me thats a part of the fun. The sifting thing. Sometimes you do see a lot of sketchy things thrifting, you just have to be careful and bring hand sanitizer.


Just saying, lol.


For example, this black suede jacket with vintage grommet trim was less than $15. The stitching detail is beyond amazing! If I were to buy this at a regular department store or a fancy boutique FULL price, I would pay out the wahzoo! The way my heart is set up, why pay more when you can thrift and pay less?


You’re just not going to get that kind of detailing without paying for the quality — unless you thrift. Or steal but, I wouldn’t recommend that route.


Thrifting brings me so much joy! The entire process. The scouring. The finding. The trying on. Oh, how I love the trying on! Sometimes I just need to try pieces on I know I am not buying but, I just have to see the beauty of the construction, or the way the fabric falls and lays on my body, or the color … the possibilities are endless. *looks at the time to see if the stores are still open.* It’s that bad.


Or in my case … that good!


Playing with designer and fast fashion is even more fun …


when you throw thrifted finds in the mix!

PS. I took a pair of scissors to my jeans for an ankle length look and once they are washed again, will give it some frays for edgy detail love. Another easy DIY trick!


This entire outfit was definitely less than $100, probably more closer to $50 but, don’t quote me. I can’t remember exactly how much the shoes costs. But, still.


If you haven’t caught on by now — I love a good deal and I will shop until I find it!


You can bet on that!


Usually you wouldn’t even be able to guess the price or where it’s from.


I leave the mystery on the runway ( … my streets, lol) but, share it with you all! You’re fam, duh.


until next time,

— details —
Jacket: thrifted, similar here
Top: Target, similar here
Jeans: HM, similar here
flats: Nine West, similar here
Hair: pineapple bun using Lottabody.



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