Fall Into Tropic Isle Living & More!


Hey Fly Friends! Fall is here and I think it’s finally safe to say, *whispers* it’s not going anywhere. I’m hoping since it was so late we get a few extra weeks of the color changes and cool breezes — only if we skip a month of Winter. I think that’s a pretty fair deal, don’t you think?

Can we catch up, real quick though? October has been a crazy month for me already. I’ve made some necessary changes in my personal life, plotting and planning for the glow up of my blog and yes, tackling and constantly taking on this hair journey. I think I have finally figured out my pre-poo routine. It’s definitely an on-the-go version, where I use an oil like Tropic Isle Living’s Red Root Pimento Hair Growth Oil to fully saturate my hair, allowing the oil from the pimento berry to strengthen and nourish, while improving blood circulation, removing toxins and adding that shine that we all love! You see, Tropic Isle Living’s Red Pimento Hair growth oil supplies valuable nutrients to the
hair roots and shaft for stronger, thicker, and longer hair. Who doesn’t want that? After a full day of letting my hair sit in a prepoo style, wash day is so much easier and my hair has been so much healthier. Trust me.


It’s just a simple routine that works for me and I love it!


And we all know Fall is the season I play around with clothes the most! I’m sure you do, too!


Between the denim jackets, gingham prints, and over the knee boots. We have options for days and I plan to play, play, play! I haven’t had a denim jacket in my closet in years and I don’t know why. I went wear one the other day and had nothing. Remembering, I’ve been on the hunt for one from the thrift, more specifically a classic Gap denim jacket. Through my move, I found one! Brand new, with tags. Can you say score?


I’ve even made some time to play in my makeup stash, pulling out all of my fun lipsticks and things! PS. I get my “best” aka cheap lipsticks from the drugstore. Wet N Wild and NYX are my go-to brands. Yup. They are usually around $5 and have so many options, your lips will be covered for days. Yea, you may get a little color on your teeth every now and then but, I’ve got a hack for that too, lol!


Pulling secrets and hacks out of my inside pockets, lol. Speaking of, do you want me to bring my YouTube Channel back, include hair, fashion and DIY? What do you think? Leave a comment below & let me know if you want me to & I’ll start looking into it again.


Honestly, Fall is REALLY the time I feel the most alive & inspired so, if there’s any season to do it, this is the time! Out here serving yall mini buns to block heels, with pigmented lips and name plates all the same!


I’m being silly but, I just feel like I’m getting back to me — living MY life and embracing every aspect of MY journey! Me, Me, Me … Selfishly loving me!


It’s nothing like waking up everyday, being grateful, planting your feet on the ground and facing whatever is in front of you. It takes strength and I know I’ve got this!


I’m appreciative for my journey — from fashion, to natural hair, to self love & care.

Lessons upon lessons, blessings upon blessings!


So for the rest of October, I plan to do more of what this month has already included. More intent. More self love. More determination. More strength. More fight. More Me.


As I push forward, I’m doing it with a smile.


& when I stand, it’s in my truth.


One time for October. Two times for my Year of Intent.

IMG_0857A third for this quick but necessary catch up!


until next time,

— details —
Jacket: The Gap, similar here
Dress: Suzy Sheer, buy here
Boots: Aldo, similar here
Belt: thrifted vintage Christian Dior, similar here
Hair: Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Package, buy here



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