Change in Seasons; Change In Life.


Hey Fly Friends! It’s October already and hot as ever! This “new Fall” got me sweating under these Autumn layers and Summer sun. Shoot! Mother Nature must really be upset with us, all of the hurricanes & natural disasters going on all over the world. Sadly, we hear her loud & clear and agree, a little change just might be necessary.

fullsizeoutput_5eWe all know seasons come and go but, I think change is always happening around us. Like the seasons, sometimes we embrace it — waiting on our favorite one to come around, so we can show up & out like we know how to do! fullsizeoutput_78But then sometimes, like these disasters, we aren’t prepared at all and don’t know how to accept whats going on.fullsizeoutput_54A hard reality to face is, most of the time, change comes exactly when we need it. If you’re like me and believe everything happens for a reason, you also know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be when that seasonal change hits. fullsizeoutput_69So, if that’s the case, the mistakes are only lessons and the hiccups are really the hoorahs in the journey of life. Right?fullsizeoutput_59You all know I’m always on a voyage to bettering myself so, this is my new challenge. Just like the seasons, the leaves and the unpredictable temperature — I must remember to adjust my sails as the winds change direction. fullsizeoutput_70But, if anyone knows someone selling sweaters and jackets with all of the answers of life, hit me on my hip because these DMs are full, lol.fullsizeoutput_7bTruthfully, what I am learning is every day, every season is just another journey. Just another challenge to face, another obstacle to overcome. Really, everyday, every season is just another goal to smash, just another season in life. Just one other.fullsizeoutput_72If you put seasons into perspective, they always change and they always come back around. So for now, even though I may not have every tool to protect my neck, I do have the knowledge & awareness that it will all be okay. In every season, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, sweating and all, lol.fullsizeoutput_76I vowed to myself during these transitional days to layer up on strength, faith and self-love and face the change anyway. Like Mother Nature, remember life may throw some heat at me when I’ve been preparing for the cooler days but, I’m going to get dressed and go outside anyway. fullsizeoutput_5cI’m going to challenge myself to remember it’s all a part of my journey, my experiences … it’s all lessons needed to be learned and obstacles needed to overcome so, I can have everything I need to get to the next season in my life.fullsizeoutput_58

Hot but cute, Fall layers and all!

until next time,


— details —
T-shirt: Mossimo boyfriend tee via Target, DIY cut from dress, buy here
Cardigan: thrifted Paddington, similar here
Blazer: (old) H&M, similar here
skirt: thrifted no name, similar here
Socks: HUE, buy here
shoes: Mia booties, similar here



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