#TBT Big Florals for Blogger Brunch!

Hey Fly Friends! Today we’re throwing it back to a couple of weeks ago when I attended the #SteeleVain Influencer Brunch during New York Fashion Week hosted by Monroe Steele of FashionSteeleNYC and Vanessa of VanaVain

Some events leave you drained but this one was by far, the prettiest I’ve been to in a LONG time. I guess I was still on a high from the empowering vibes, beautiful women and ambience and the amazing gifts from all of the sponsors. If you haven’t checked out my full recap, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. But, I guess that’s why …

I’m just realizing — I never really gave you all outfit deets. WHAT?! I know — my bad my bad.  Also, I’m pretty sure you’ll never guess where I got this dress from and hint hint, it doesn’t start with “thr” and end with “ift.”

FOUND: in the grandma section, behind the bathroom, next to the clearance racks in Macy’s.

I was looking for pieces for a photoshoot and came up empty handed. On the way out of the store, my eyes spotted this floral goodness hanging on a back wall. There were a few color choices, so I grabbed them all and went to the fitting room. Tried, loved but decided on the white and orange/red combo, as opposed to the gorgeous blue/black colorwave.

Let’s play a game. Start thinking about how much you think this dress cost, while we get into these details because chyleee…

Let me tell you how I had to pin this neckline down because the lack of goodies would be ALL out. Now, remember what department I told you I picked up from … and let ALLTHAT soak in. Shoot, I guess Grandmas have to go and get it, too because I’m telling you if I had girls, it would be SHOWTIME in this dress. Thankfully, a tiny safety-pin hidden in the right position takes care it all while my leather vintage belt with the silver & gold hardware makes this outfit all playful and fun for Fall!

One of my favorite (and go-to) vintage Dooney & Bourke drawstring bucket bag is always the perfect neutral option to sling over my shoulder throughout the day; especially running in and out of the city. Hands free, baby!

Anyone else agree the maxi dresses and ankle boot combo will forever be a classic “Fall”back look … haha, get it? I’m so corny but you love it, lol. 

As promised the price of this beauty … ready? Are you ready? $17! Ahhh, I know!! I must’ve caught it on sale/sale but, if you buy it now — it’s only $24! Still a steal and #cocoandclickapproved!

until next time,

— details —
dress: Macy’s, shop here
boots: Lucky Brand via Nordstrom Rack, shop here
bag : vintage Dooney & Bourke, similar here



2 Replies to “#TBT Big Florals for Blogger Brunch!”

    1. Waittt. What, girl? What are you waiting for? They are the best — so easy and comfortable. Like rompers/jumpsuits but no issues when you have to use the bathroom, lol!

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