Back To Cool.

Hey Fly Friends! As Summer winds down, I’m trying to bare shoulders everyday and wear all of cute sundresses before it’s too late! I purchased this racerback dress and jacket from Target when the weather first broke and have been plotting on it ever since but, have yet to wear it all Summer. I was determined not to let the season pass without getting at least one wear in so, the other day when I walked past it on hanging on my rack, ready to be worn, it was time for some shine! Popped my clearance tags and took a stroll to the park.

Truth be told, this day was hectic and oh so good at the same time. You know when you have a thousand and one things on your to-do list and you have no idea how you’ll finish them all but, by the grace of God and two highly caffeinated large teas — you’ve conquered them all! Yea, that was the kind of day I had.

So, when it was all over … a quiet, empty park was my go-to place for a few proud pats on my back.

*pat, pat*

but, can we talk about this dress? 

First, I love the color! 

& anything racerback …

paired it with my Stan Smiths — YES to this sundress & kicks moment!

If anyone know hows to remove the horrid leather smell from my bag purchased from the African Market, please let me know. I’m obsessed with it but the leather isn’t lined on the inside and the smell, especially in the heat is horrible – to the point where people walk past and think it’s the garbage on the street, LMAO! Embarrassing. Does it make me stop rocking it? No. But, I sure do let people know it’s the bag stanking and NOT me! haha

oh, & the hair? well remember the Bantu Knots I wore? Well, I just unraveled them and I was left with these beautiful large coils that I was too in love with to separate so I rocked them as is. Don’t mind the knot in the back, I missed that one. Next time, I’ll use a mirror instead of my phone, lol!

Although the Summer may be drifting, this is not the last of this look. Just you wait. 

until next time,

— details —
dress: Target, similar here
jacket: Target, similar here
sneakers: adidas, shop here
bag : African Market



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