Wrap It Up, Summer!

August, where did you come from? You and this scorching heat snuck on me but, as always, let’s make the best of it & wrap up this season with a little wrap dress … or is a top? The dress over pants trend came and went, I know but, ya girl never followed trends anyway. I’m just over here testing out looks and loving this dress and fringe jeans combo! 

It’s all in the Summer details.





The outfit alone is a win for me but topping it off with confidence is key. It’s the one thing you can’t buy in the store, that will always pull your look together. Trust me. 

Slightly pulling the dress back to show little hip bone and the top of the jeans —WILD, WILD THOUGHTS!

After checking the weather, I thought this would be the perfect day for a little Sun-enhanced prepooing. Even though Bantu Knots are a hairstyle of their own, I intentionally put them in, knowing it’s a style I can wear all day while prepping my hair for wash day! Be prepared to get a few more stares than normal. Every time I wear Bantu Knots out in public, it never fails. I totally get it, not everyone understands all of this magic but we continue to shine anyway!

 Just watch out for that oil – once it gets the dripping … there’s no turning back, haha!

Life (& Summer) is too short not to have fun!

So, wear the dress, make it a shirt. Love on yourself. Hell, dance while people watch. Enjoy life!


I know I am again.

until next time,

— details —
top: Laundry by Shelli Segal dress from Bloomingdale’s, similar here
jeans: Emory Park via Annie Sez, similar here
shoes: Wild Pair, shop here
sunglasses : Cotton On, similar here



4 Replies to “Wrap It Up, Summer!”

  1. Oh em gee! Absolutely love this look! So vibrant and on point! From head to toe can’t pick what I like most!!! Gettin my life! Ok how I can scroll back up and actually read what you talmbout lol

    1. thanks Keisha!!!! This was so fun to create even tho there were a few creeps staring but you know how that goes lol haha let me know what you think after you’ve read everything! lol

  2. I love this striped wrap dress. Pair with jeans is another style. And the statement earrings are chic, they make beautiful additions to this outfit for a bit of flare.

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