Dealing With Social Anxiety at Blogger Events

Hello Beautiful People! As you all know, I experience anxiety so lately, I’ve been walking into every social situation knowing I’ll to have to push myself in order to overcome and take the next step to evolve into my best version.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s a mission but, I work on it every single day because it’s one of my biggest challenges! Knowing who I want to be and what I want out of life, I continue to find myself in uncomfortable spaces I know I have to get very familiar with in order to grow. Yup, this is the chapter I’m currently living! However, as long as I trust the boundaries I have set in place and more importantly, I trust the process and my growth — I know I’ll be okay. Two years ago, I wouldn’t be experiencing half of the things I’ve been blessed with this year.  Although I have much further to go, here are a few tips that I’ve been using lately and they’ve helped me attend THREE blogger events in the last month!

tip1.pngKnowing my anxiety acts up when I’m stressed out and overthinking, I’ve discovered over-preparing helps tremendously! For example … 

for CURLFEST 2017, I thoroughly planned ahead, attempting to leave no possible stone unturned! Once I considered the temperature, my picky Pescatarian ways and that if I’m uncomfortable I have no chance making it through, I was able to plan and prepare enough so that I had no qualms about going! (Well, until I lost my makeup bag the night before — if you haven’t heard that story, read here.) This year I was so hyped for #CURLFEST2017 and the only time I experienced any anxiety while there was when I initially arrived and saw the crowd! Admittedly, I was overwhelmed but, I was eager to find a picnic spot, set up and walk around. I ended up having a really good time but, that was expected … it’s #CURLFEST, for goodness sakes!


I took a different approach when I attended the Tropic Isle Living: #BeTheOriginal Brand Influencer Private Dinner I went to a few weeks ago. I can’t front, this one had me nervous from the moment the invite hit my inbox but, I knew if I thought about it too much I would freak myself out and end up not going, resulting in me kicking myself for a lifetime! There have been too many times I have allowed my struggles with anxiety to hold me back. I’m determined to not let that go down anymore (or as much as I can control.) So, the day I RSVP’d confirming is the same day I found my outfit. I wanted to check everything off my list early (3 weeks to be exact) so, I had nothing to worry about. So for the next few weeks, knowing I would attend the event was in the back of my mind but, it wasn’t something I was dwelling on or romanticized. Even with set backs that day, I still pushed myself to show up and show out. Yet, another triumph to celebrate! 



After every weekend, I took time out for myself to reflect on my actions and accomplishments, regroup my throughts and rejuvenate my soul to do it all again whenever I could. Whether it’s spending time with nature down by the river or catching up on some junk tv, it’s important to unwind so you don’t burn out. With a full work week, all that life throws at you, I know how easy it is to forget about your needs but, personal time is a priority and for me, that’s the only way I can keep going. So, if I go ghost for a day on Instagram — don’t trip, it’s all out of self love. 

Basically, what I’m learning is to remember to celebrate ALL of my achievements, no matter how small. You may have read earlier, “THREE blogger events,” thinking Big Whoop, girl. But for me, it’s a major accomplishment that I am very proud of myself for. Whether you made it out of the bed today or got a promotion at your job, acknowledge every and all of your own triumphs. It’s your journey, you are important and deserve to be celebrated! Sending lots of light and love your way!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these tips before OR if have any of your own to share …
I would love to hear your thoughts! 

until next time, 



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