[RECAP] My Night as the Lottabody Spokesperson at @Le_Frosie’s Afros & Rizos Event

Hey Fly Friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent my day over in Brooklyn at the natural hair blogger, Kilsi aka @Le_Frosie‘s Afros & Rizos Empowerment Natural Hair event as the official Spokesperson for Lottabody! It was my first time meeting Kilsi and I was so impressed! Kilsi and her team of loving friends and family playing as staff sold out the Afros & Rizos event so naturally, a room full of inspired women showed up to be empowered by her passion and love of natural hair! There was a DJ to keep everyone dancing all night, a bar with personalized drinks, a station to adorn your crown with flowers and even one to paint! I left inspired and can’t wait to throw an event of my own! 

As the Lottabody Spokesperson, I made sure all of Kilsi’s guests walked away with one full size Cleanse Me Cowash and a few other Lottabody products and goodies like the comb set, #aLottaLove t-shirts and the extremely desired #Lottabody silk scarves! We had a great time connecting over of many textures of natural hair 🙂 

Some of the beauties with their Lottabody Cleanse Me Cowash!

Where there’s a ring light — I will get a selfie, lol!

So … funny story — I had to step outside for a second and when I was coming back inside I spotted this HUGE fro of curls across the street. I stopped, looked but, kept walking because girlfriend was going the wrong way. I DMed @ohhthatsjustflash asking “Are you in Brooklyn? Swore I just saw you across the street.” Two seconds later, she walks in the event and gives me the biggest hug. I told her “Curlfest was the first time meeting you, now I’m bumping into you all the time, girl!” Glad she finally found the venue, haha — heyyy Flash! 

End of the night selfie, of course!

Thank you Lottabody for letting me attend Afros & Rizos event as your official Spokesperson and HUGE thank you Kilsi aka @Le_Frosie for having us! 

until next time, 



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