Green Tube Down By The River

Hey Fly Friends! Finally, I have and officially recovered from CURLFEST 2017 and thangs! Whenever I need get over a hectic week and ease back into my normal routine, I always spend a little time with nature. It seems to keep me calm and put the important things back into perspective.

So, I spent a little time down by the river …

… catching a tan & air drying my wash & go …

Oh, and watching people watch me, lol! Whenever I shoot, it never fails, but I always draw an onlooker. So, if you ever see me out there shooting, don’t stare. Just say hi because I see you, too! Haha.

Can we talk about this skirt tho? You may have seen me wear it before. It’s a thrifted fav! I love the pleats and unintentional frayed hem. To be honest, when I purchased it I noticed someone tried to alter the hem and make it shorter but through moving and unpacking, the hem must’ve come undone. What do ya’know, I like it so much better that way!

My tube top is really a mini skirt from HM that I mistakenly purchased a size too big. I love the color so, I kept telling myself I’ll wear it … or gain weight, lol. I’m so sick of seeing my cute clothes hanging in my closet instead off of me, so, I slipped the skirt up my body instead of down to make a top out of it and flipped the elastic band over to create more detail! *whispers* I like it better as a top than a skirt. Well, I’d probably like it as a skirt too, if it actually fit me like a mini. Don’t worry carbs, I’m coming for you but in the mean time, HELLOoO DIY Summer tube!

do you see where I cut the tag in the back? lol Doh.

PS — A few weeks ago, I went to the Adidas store and they were having a major buy more, save more sale. I picked up TWO pairs of Stan Smith’s (because they are white and classics) for the price of ONE! So, I’m rocking one now and have the other pair in my closet to break out when a look calls for something crisp!


Accessories by the River are so pretty. Bag was thrifted for $7, I believe — def less than $10. Originally, I wished the bag was a natural color so, a friend suggested I dye it. However, the more I wear it, the more it grows on me and adds the perfect pop of color to all of my summer looks! No dye over here any time soon 🙂

Picked up these shades from Cotton On for Curlfest. They’re a classic shape and the tortoise-shell detail is everything!

Remember sometimes making the most of your day means taking a moment out for yourself.

If you ever need a quick break from the chaos, I suggest spending a little time with nature. Even if it’s just down by the river in your Stans.

until next time,

— details —
top: skirt from HM, similar here
skirt: thrifted, similar here
sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith, shop here
bag : thrifted, similar here
sunglasses : Cotton On, similar here



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5 Replies to “Green Tube Down By The River”

    1. Thank you! I have to reinvent what I already have because I can’t always afford to go shopping the like I would want, lol!

  1. I am so glad I met you!! You inspired me to get back to my dedication to my natural hair and boho/hippie like style. I love that you embrace every phase you live through!! Very admirable and down to earth!! ✨Keep up the awesomeness girl!! ✨You have a follower friend in me! 🌸🌻🤗

    1. Awww, thank you so much!! I am soo glad I met you, also! It means everything to know I have inspired you to embrace and LOVE your hair and style! As you should — you’re too dope not to! I appreciate you, new follower friend! xo

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