No Sew, D-I-Y Thrifted Dress Transformation & More: CURLFEST 2017 EDITION

Hey Fly Friends! I’m rounding out the week with my last post about CURLFEST! If you read My CURLFEST 2017 RECAP, which you should have — you know I promised to give you all the details on my outfit in a separate post because it was “that good!” Well, promise kept.

You all know I’m avid thrifter and bargain hunter and with CURLFEST, this was no different. I knew I wanted a look that would be original aka I wouldn’t see another curlfriend rocking the same thing, “goddess-like” and weather appropriate — let’s face it, there’s no escaping the heat!

After weeks of pinning on my secret board and scouring the internet for clothes, I started to hit up the shops coming up empty handed, lol. Then one weekend, I went to the flea market and stumbled upon this gorgeous beaded necklace “made in Cuba” that gave me all the feels! Scored it for $10 and the vision started to come to life!

Now it’s the week before CURLFEST 2017 — I have a necklace, a very clear vision and I’ve been to the same stores 3 times hoping I missed my perfect outfit on someone’s sales rack somewhere. Insanity.

So in a desperate attempt to get creative, I headed to thrift store and out the corner of my eye, I spotted this deep coral dress that if I tilted my head slightly to the right, I thought it could work! A size 18/20 vintage Venezia dress with a V-neckline, 4 buttons down the bust, side pockets, airy pleats – oh, and it only costs $7.99! I said to myself 1) I love the color 2) the price is good enough so if I mess it up, I won’t feel terrible and 3) what do I have to lose?

So, I purchased the dress, went home, pulled out my scissors and with every snip, I said took a deep breath and said a prayer, lol. I promise you I must’ve stopped and started at least 7 times within the hour of making this dress. And slowly but surely, it all started to come together until I had this …

Strapless, semi-wrap backless dress, with side pockets, an adjustable tie in the back and airy pleats ALL for $7.99!! The best way to explain how I did this was … CUT. I pulled the straps to the side, tied them in the back, cut a bit there, took the left over fabric, tied it around my waist and prayed to GOD nothing came out while I was twirling around, lol! Just kidding, everything was tucked away and secure but, please note: not one needle or an ounce of thread was used to create this. It was all vision, scissors and the grace of God because I have zero technical training in design, lol. Although, I am super proud of the outcome!

Even still, I feel what really made my look so successful were my accessories! Yes, the necklace was everything but …

My CURLFEST 2017 accessories were put together with a lot of thought and love (rings not pictured).

Since CURLFEST 2016, I said to myself, I want a hackeysack fannypack! The knit ones, just like this. Well, I could not find one so, I settled but in the best way for this striped backpack that I discovered in New York at the African Market in East Harlem. I actually purchased two bags, this a leather style that I will share later. (You may have seen me rocking it on my Instastories already. I practically wear it everyday.)

My handmade canvas backpack was perfect! It was already lightweight so, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about my back hurting and the double pockets in the front were very convenient for my lip gloss, business cards, and little things I needed easy access to!

I loved that the bag is this colorful canvas material, lined with a nylon material with a drawstring closure and this wooden button closure for the top flap — super cute!

The straps of a bag could be the deciding factor if you wearing it all the time or throwing it in the back of your closet to never been seen again. I will gladly admit that this won’t be the last you see of me wearing this backpack! The adjustable nylon straps are so comfortable and cute — I’m searching for outfits to style this bag with, I’m so obsessed! Don’t you agree or am I being biased because it got me through my second year of CURLFEST with no problems?

I loved all of my accessories however, these shoes by Merrell may be the sole reason CURLFEST 2017 was such a success! It’s nothing like being somewhere having the time of your life and your feet hurt. Not with these sandals. Not even a little bit. I was on the hunt for the “ugly trend” sandals with the nylon straps but, I could not find them anywhere!

So, I went to DSW and the amazing manager working led me right down the aisle to find a row of sandals. None of them spoke to me like these Summertime Knotty in Dark Earth did. They aren’t “ugly” — they’re actually kinda cute and I’m a sucker for anything cognac in color because it goes with everything. The song my feet sang when I tried them on sealed the deal! The sole of the shoe is so soft, your feet practically melt into them but still providing much-needed support for the flat feet people, like me. Oh, and since the bottom sole is rubber is it’s not like you’re constantly walking on cement. After a long day, that’s very important! The price was $89.95 but with 50% off, I paid less than $45 for them! That’s why I love DSW!

Once I put everything together, I was very happy with my CURLFEST 2017 look!

Original. Check! Felt like a Goddess. Check! Weather-appropriate? Check, check!


Let’s see what I come up with for CURLFEST 2018! For more CURLFEST 2017 pictures, click here.

Until next time,



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