My CURLFEST 2017 Recap!

Hey Beautiful People! This past weekend I attended Curly Girl Collective’s Annual Natural Hair Festival better known to the world as CURLFEST! Last year was my first time attending, had my crew and all but I didn’t know what to expect!

I didn’t know to bring snacks so I stood on a  long food truck line to prevent myself from passing out from hunger and heat exhaustion. Also, my battery almost died from trying to find service among all the other naturals doing the same.

Nevertheless, I had the time of my life last year, so much so, I haven’t attended another natural hair event since! I took all 365+ days to fully prepare for CURLFEST 2017!

This year I was ready. I picked up all kinds of snacks — from protein bars to nuts and dried fruit. I made Harmon’s and Walmart runs for portable chargers, a water bottle, travel OFF, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and sunscreen. I even pulled out my mace because you just never know, lol! The point is, I was prepared for CURLFEST this year … until I woke up and couldn’t find my make up bag and had to race to Ulta to rebuy the most basic face to try and slay the day away!

1 hour later : make up done, 5 cornrows in my hair, clothes on and ready for my cousin and I to head out of the door and drive to Brooklyn.

After 2 hours of weaving through traffic, we finally arrived, scored parking a few blocks away and walked over to Prospect Park. I knew it was going to be packed with the amount of naturals I spotted walking to and from the area. Honestly, I was overwhelmed with the sea of people in attendance … had to be at least 3 times as many as last year!

My cousin and I walked around at first to check out the booths but there were so many (everything was tripled this year) so, we decided to skim the crowd a little and find our picnic spot in the grass. On the way, caught these babes posing for a quick pic. I just happened to get an amazing shot too! Look at all of those beautiful colors!

After securing my spot and unpacking my bag, I started to walk around attempting to mingle with my fellow naturals, find my blogger friends and get some pics for the blog.

And just like that, I ran into and FINALLY met my blogger boo @ohhthatsjustflash! After connecting on social media, never meeting but always sharing laughs — it was great to pick up right up where we left off online. Can we just take a moment to praise her HAIR tho … amazing! Styled by Bumble and Bumble — How cute is she!

Wait, so you know I had to get some flicks in, too. Just one… For now 😉

Seemed like everyone was vibin’ out there. That’s what I remember from last year, too! The energy from CURLFEST had me going for weeks! I kept thinking while there how dope it would be to be a child witnessing all of that Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy in one field. I had all the feels every time I saw a kid blowing bubbles, or being chased by their parents, hearing all the laughing and giggles. It felt so good to be a part of it all!


I even met some of my followers — I’ll gladly claim @heartbreaker__pyt! I actually approached her because I LOVED her hair and style, asking if I could take her pic to post to my blog.  Her reply? “Wait — I think I follow you!” Haha That was a first … very cool moment to meet one of my followers in real life! You all really are the illest!

These ladies next to me were the cutest — not to mention, sweet! They offered to share snacks and we watched over their blankets as they mingled around 🙂

Hey Cousin!

Hey loving Mother + Daughter duo!

Don’t judge me but I needed to fluff a little. When I left the house my hair was still wet sooooooooo you know how that goes. That heat helped to air dry it REAL quick tho!

Honestly, once the overwhelming shock wore off and my anxiety started to chill out, I was able to really have some fun. I turned on my portable JVC speakers, played my Black Girl Magic Playlist and ate some pineapples and danced away!

… catching all the rays and soaking up all the magic in the air …

CURLFEST was wild in the best way and I definitely be back with more makeup, less snacks and a different game plan! If you haven’t already, I suggest you getting yourself to CURLFEST next year to experience all of that melanin and 24 Karat in the air! It’s hard to put in to words how it makes you feel but, once you’re there, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! I’ve been on a natural (tehehe) high since! Scroll down to see more pics from the day.

fellow thrifter and fashion blogger, @msstarstyles + her best friend. Perfect combo!

Connected with this beauty, @mainlymali over her green fro + songstress ways!

These ladies had me cracking up and the beauty in the middle looked SO familiar!

Besides her radiant energy, admirable strength, beautiful child and gorgeous locks, @teealbertini is a master braider and owner of Ancestral Strands Braid Boutique in Brooklyn!

This queen was out there being a muse! Braids by @teealbertini! BOMB, right?

how cute was this family?

Thanks @Craigvision for the shot of my curl crew!

And @TheDeviousGentleman (who happens to be one of my followers boyfriend’s) for getting this shot of my cousin & I! Small world.

Shoutout to my curl crew, my cousin Ash for rocking out with me our second year in a row and my partner in crime, Ashley for linking up and taking the pics below!

We Came.

We Saw.

We Conquered!

I’ll do a full blog post with the outfit details because this was a good one. Let’s just say, I made the dress, you won’t believe what kind of sandals I wore and my accessories … yea, let’s talk!


until next time,



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    1. Aww thank you so much! I had a lot of fun putting this post together and reliving the moments from the day! Another Curlfest in the books!

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