Who knew I had this Off-The-Shoulder Top In My Closet Already?

Hey Fly Friends! The weather finally broke and it’s officially Summer! YAY!!! That means, I’m gladly welcoming all brights and my version of these Summer trends, protective styles covered in head wraps and melanin coated tan lines … everywhere!

I find myself catching a few rays and breezes when and wherever I can! The other day while running errands, I drove down a sunny yet, shaded street and felt obliged to enjoy the scenery. So, I parked my car, got out and sat on the curb for a while the wind graced my skin and the sun saturated my face. I always forget how good Vitamin D feels when caressing your body. Just something else to be more aware of on this #YearOfIntent  — enjoying the day’s spontaneous moments AND the sun, while it’s out! But, don’t forget that SPF — gotta protect yourself!

And challenge yourself. Which is why I’ve made it a point to push myself beyond always buying new clothes and making the best of what’s already in my closet. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just not socially out there, which both sound like they can be very liberating) you’ve seen the off the shoulder trend. And if you’ve been around the last month, you’ve seen how I have remixed this trend during my giveaway. Well, I have one more new & fresh way to style your button down shirts and jackets!

Only this time …
  1. Put on button up shirt without the sleeves.
  2. Button front of shirt as far as it goes around the bust.
  3. Tie sleeves in the BACK of your shirt for a cinched waist and new style!
  4. Werkkkkk!

I love the visual detail & it’s such a simple styling trick! The way I see it, now not only are you on trend … you’re ahead of it! *does get it girl dance* If you try this trick, please let me know by tagging me #cocoandclickstyle so I can see and share! I’m a firm believer … a fly outfit deserves to be seen!

& yes, my twists are under this bandana, living and locking in that moisture. If you want to know more about my head wrap life, let me know. I’d love to share more!

until next time,

— details —
top: The Gap from men’s section, similar here
jeans: Levis, more about them here
sandals: Nordstrom Rack, similar here
bandana : via beauty supply store



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