Late Nights & Early Mornings

*clears throat* 

Hey Fly Friends! Hope you’re staying warm in this Spring weather … *insert sarcasm and agitated claps, lol* I told you already, it’s thigh highs and short hem lines until further notice — so before it really heats up, let’s see how many fun outfits I can come up with during this unpredictable season! 

Normally, I start from head to toe but … thigh highs. Just peep the suede lace-up detail in the back.

That’s what sold me — okay, that and the stacked practical heels!

my LNEM tee was a no brainer — Late Nights Early Mornings. Basically, my life!

Although, I was giving more Mid Afternoon vibes 😉

& great hair day goodness!

Lately, I’ve been picking my hair out more to achieve a fro full of kinks, not just curls and I must admit, I am kinda feeling it. I have always been a lover of the fro … on everyone else and just big curls on me. That’s been changing as I choose to view myself as who I truly am and embrace all of my beautiful facets. Kinks, curls, homebody or extrovert – this is me and I’m really starting to unapologetically love she!

But these mini details? Let’s get into it! If you remember my birthday a couple of years ago … well same skirt, evolving woman.

Skirt. It’s faux. It’s Forever and less than $25.

you know me …

Last but not least, I’m wearing an old thrifted denim dress, as an overcoat by simply unbuttoning. I have a thing about third pieces … maybe I should do a post about my favorite styling tips! If you want something like that, leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to introduce you to my version of styling 🙂 innovative & effortless!

until next time …

— details —
t-shirt: Late Nights Early Mornings, purchase here
skirt: Forever 21, similar here
boots: Aldo, similar here
overcoat: thrifted, similar here
belt: thrifted, similar here


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