Jeans & A Tee

Hey Fly Friends! Being a Jersey girl, I always say, is the best of both worlds. Living in the suburbs but having unlimited access to NYC has always been dope. Lately, I’ve been spontaneously hitting up the city on some late night random fun stuff, taking full advantage of the nights of nice weather!

Clearly, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are playing in my head on the nice weather days — I start feeling myself and all, smh. Please ignore my faux model wanna be seductive eye but it really just looks like a curl got in it- thing I have going on.

A play on my favorite outfit ever – simple tee and jeans!

Can never go wrong with a statement accessories to making a basic outfit far from boring! Statement earrings are the go-to accessory this season. I’m thinking of making my own! Ya know … trends.

I’ll be making DIY videos on my YouTube channel, if and when, I make them so make sure you’ve subscribed!




I don’t how much of this I can keep up but, I like where it’s going for now, lol. I used to be all about that spontaneous city life and this night reminded me how good it felt!

— details —
top: H&M, similar here
jeans: Levi, similar here
sneakers: Converse, similar here
jacket: Levi, similar here



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