Cropped Flares & Stripes

Hey Fly Friends! I finally got rid of this cold but, I’ve learned my lesson and decided to keep it transitional until June, lol. The other day I went thrifting and scored 2 pairs of jeans with silhouettes I’ve been on the hunt for; cropped flares and mom jeans. I wanted both to be thrifted for different reasons but the cropped flares mainly because it’s a style I’m testing out and could be trendy, depending how much I obsess.

Let me tell you … I’m pretty obsessed.

For one, they are Gap brand. Everyone knows Gap brands are beyond comfy, never mind that they are 4 sizes too big! Hanging low on my hips and worn with a belt, they are perfect, Perfect, PERFECT! Oh, and only $3.50! At that price, I’m kinda forced to fall in love with them, right?!

Paired with a striped blouse, low black Chucks and a leather moto draped over my shoulders,

I’m ready for the weekend!

Vintage braided belt thrifted same day for $1. Black leather and gold details for the win!

& a half-up/half-down situation on an old wash & go! 

I’ve been all smiles lately!

If it wasn’t that I can breathe out my nose again, it has to be these new thrifted finds!

— details —
jacket: Forever 21, similar here
top: HM, similar here
jeans: thrifted Gap, similar here
sneakers: Converse
clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody with removed strap, similar here



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