Mini Buns on the Go!

Hey Beautiful People! If you saw my last post, you know I was able to get out of the house and run errands all while my hair was drying AND I didn’t even come close to catching a cold! *knocks on woods*

My fellow naturalistas know wash day is usually a full day process which is why every Sunday is dedicated to my hair alone. Yes, it’s that serious with natural hair so if you want to do brunch, “does Saturday work?” because … hair. However, some days I just want to skip wash day and live a little. That’s exactly what I did this week but had to get a quick wash in and somehow still get things done!

This week, I did a 10 minute deep condition, a much-needed co-wash, and twisted my hair using the LCO method. What usually takes me 8 hours, I got done in about 2? Not bad at all! (I’m working on a deep condition video for my YouTube channel, stay tuned!) But, my hair was still wet, it was cold outside and I needed to run around. How was I going to make this work?

Instead of slapping a silk bonnet on my head or rocking my go-to two braids for times like this, I wanted to try something different. In the same four sections my hair was parted in for the LCO method and using the same twists prepped for a twistout, I simply wrapped those twists in 4 mini buns. This style was practical & cute! To be honest, it cut my drying time in half and I was still able to run out and get things done!

Surprisingly, I like the style for non-air drying days, too! Will be adding to the catalog, lol. Do you have any styles to get you through a late wash day or tips or tricks to cut air-drying down?

Until next time …



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