Apple Cider Vinger Rinse on Curly Hair! 

Hey Guys! A few days ago I picked up Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinger from the grocery store to prep my boyfriends locs for retwisting.

Truth is, I’ve been Natural going on 3 years and I’ve never tried an ACV rinse but have heard amazing things! I’m in this weird stage in my journey where everything seems new again and fresh! It’s kind of exciting! So, why not partake in a new adventure?

After a little research, I decided to do a 2:1 mix; 2 cups of water mixed with 1 cup of apple cider vinger.

I shook it up as best as I could in a spray bottle and sprayed in the roots of my hair mostly. I wanted to massage in my scalp as much as possible to break up any buildup and relieve my scalp of any itching and dandruff.

(Update: I forgot to mention 2 things. After spraying my hair, I put on a plastic cap. Most places that I read said they did this rinse while in the shower so, they had the cap on while bathing. However, I got caught up doing chores and didn’t rinse it out for a hour. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in that long, as apple cider vinegar contains acid that can ruin your hair. And also, the ACV does have an odor to but, once it’s washed out it does not leave any lingering smell.)

The relief came rather quickly. I don’t know if it was all in my mind but I’ll take it. Haha!

But to my surprise, both my boyfriend and I had amazing shine after doing this rinse! Our textures are completely different but seemed to have similar results!

This is a must try and will definitely be going in the wash day regimen. I’m probably going to try to get in a rinse once a week, as I tend to have a lot of buildup from the creamy textured products I use on my twistouts and braidouts.

But, this will definitely work!

Have you tried an ACV rinse on your hair? What were your results? I’m curious to see the results on different textures and the mixtures you use. Please share!
Until next time,

STACi P xo

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