Back to the Thrift Store!

Hey loves! I know it’s been beyond a while but, I’m back with a new post and hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up the momentum. Thank you all for continuing this journey with me, whether you have followed me on Instagram, kept in contact through my Facebook page or subscribed and liked my YouTube videos! I appreciate every follower, like, comment, message, and share! You all rock!

So … 

Lately, I’ve been revisiting the interests and creative outlets that speak to me. Needless to say, thrifting has been on my mind. I have missed rummaging through the racks, searching for that one (or a few) piece that needs to go home with me to be washed and reworked. I have missed the smell of vintage leather and the beauty that is hand-sewn beaded magic. Walking into a thrift store is like jumping back into a different time period. Nostalgia! All of the years may be jumbled together but, it’s really cool to step back into times when you weren’t even a thought. 

“They don’t make it them like you no more.”

I loved the print – even tried it on. It was just too big. 

Oh, the sequins!

I’m a sucker for vintage labels!

I found this cute floral, vintage, long-sleeved romper but, I didn’t buy it because the shoulder pads were ridiculous – even though they could have easily been removed and the sleeves were a little short. I didn’t want to be out here looking young. Hah!

After posting on Snapchat and Instagram, I started to have shopper’s regret for not purchasing it. But, I reminded myself – there will be more. If it’s truly meant to be, I will walk into the store and see it again.

I feel the same way about this woven leather hand bag – le sigh.

I’m excited to be back and blogging. If you would like for me to share tips on how to find a good thrift store in your area, let me know!

Until next time, 


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