A Stroll Around The Neighborhood!

IMG_3949Ever take a different approach to running your errands? I’m usually a creature of habit but, I had a few stores to go to and ended up on a hectic street full of rush hour traffic. So instead of hassling myself to try and find parking amongst a 30 block radius of one way streets, I buckled up my shoes and hit the pavement! Perfect day.


No turning back!


Walking the good ol’ off beaten path. A block away stood a fruit stand — pineapples, mangos & melons! “Oh, this is going to be good.”

IMG_4103Well, what do we have here? IMG_3947

These new-but-not-new-but-feel-like-new oxfords by Tahari kept up with me! The best part, no pain. You know how that goes. You buy a pair of shoes and think, “Oh, these are cute. They don’t hurt. Great buy!” You start giving yourself proud pats on the back. That first you wear them, (and really wear them out) to get the feel of them. Ooo chyle. That breaking in process can be brutal to Cindy and Mindy. I just kept walking, and walking, and walking 🙂 and they walked with me!


Ended up in Weehawken — I think this is an historical building called the “Time Machine”. I have to look into it though. A local man stopped me to tell me of other places to take pictures. Thanks buddy, another day.


The vibrant colors stood out amongst the redundant wood and brick.

IMG_4113& so was Click.



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