Gray and Black in Snow.


Before the snow gets all dirty and full of dog ish — I know it sounds corny but, I really do find it to be beautiful and so serene. Most of our weather up here is cold so, I’m officially claiming balconies aren’t only for Summer sunsets! Yesterday I took a little time to enjoy the view … while it’s still Winter white! IMG_2371


This look started at the bottom (and now we’re here.) Although I love these boots, I haven’t worn them in a year. The metallic silver just isn’t all that practical. So, I’m trying to figure out how I can stain them black so I can get more use out of them in the Winter.


Any ideas?


Let’s not front, it’s cold as hell out and I didn’t have any desire to do my hair. So I pulled up google, youtube’d a few how to’s (epic fail) & slapped this hair up in a wrap. I don’t have any silk scaves that are large enough to wrap around my big head, giving me that look I desired so,  I used a wool scarf instead. The kind you wrap around your neck, not your head. I know wool isn’t good for your hair so, I took it off as soon as I got inside. Fake it til you make it.


*sips tea*


I’ve always admired women who has signature style. The ones that walk into a room and you already know what to expect. But every time they find a way to serve you fun & fresh. I’ve never been that girl, always a “situational” dresser. But, now that I’m getting older I want no fuss when it comes to my makeup, at least. I don’t want to spend anymore unnecessary time in front of the mirror tussling with makeup brushes and wands.


So for now, I think this is going to be my first attempt at a signature look. Natural makeup, cat eye on fancy days and always a red lip! I’m taking a page out of my soul sister, Tracee Ellis Ross’ book. She stays in a Ruby Woo.

IMG_2284   Just look how the make up pops against the gray-scale. IMG_2086 I’m here for it. IMG_2161 Gray coat + black sweater … silver accessories.IMG_2333 Don’t forget about the boots people… I need your help! IMG_2194

What do you think?

— details —

 — coat: H&M — sweater: Nordstrom — denim: Rag & Bone — boots: Nordstrom —



2 Replies to “Gray and Black in Snow.”

  1. Outfit is gorgeous, makeup is flawless, and the balcony, snow scene is absolutely beautiful. I don’t have a clue about staining boots but I love all the pics and your style is indescribable. Love it all.

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