Coco Chaplin.

IMG_1681Remember Charlie Chaplin? These were my intentions to channel him but, that’s definitely the vibe I was giving off. IMG_1572 Would you believe my entire look is from H&M? Head to ankle …


Sometimes I have to tell myself to tighten up a little but, being comfortable usually always wins my heart. Ain’t no feeling like being freeeeeee!IMG_1774

When you’re going for tomboy/comfy casual vibes, just throw on a pair of strappy sandals. Easiest way to elevate your look. I mean, I could fit two of me in these pants and the outfit is still chic! I just love it. I’ve had these harem pants forever but refuse to throw them away. I always say “I’ll eventually wear them again, even if it’s every 5 years.” No shade.


And when wearing a crop top in the Winter, I just pair it with a high-waisted option, limiting the midriff reveal. You don’t have subject yourself to getting a cold to be cute. The only thing that’s supposed to be sick is your outfit, honey!


The bowler hat, which I was obsessed with last year has been overtaken by the wide-brimmed hats all over the streets this season. And with my new-found love of my curls, I haven’t been able to rock hats like I wanted nor find a wide-brimmed hat that will fit this mane. But I threw it on anyway, cocked it back, and fluffed my curls until I loved how everything looked.


Adding that little touch of details always makes the difference.


(Who skips? Crazy and HAPPY people!)


My perm rod curls were still holding on but, it didn’t last much after this! 🙂


Mandees. I was shocked too. I’ve purchased Steve Madden shoes from there, and little basic sandals but, I my jaw dropped when I saw these. Very trendy … and of course the price was beyond affordable. When it comes to cheap shoes though, you have to be careful. You don’t want the heel to break as you’re walking down the street, lol. But, on the brighter side, vacation shoes that you don’t care about losing or messing up, non-investment, just cute & trendy pieces are great from places like this. I’ll take them! They do it’s job so, I’m good. You’d be surprised what you can find … I was!

— details —

— hat, crop top, and pants : H&M — shoes: Mandees — bag: Dooney & Bourke —



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