Summer Skirt, Winter Flirt.

IMG_1409Everyone run to the grocery stores, get your bread and milk! Fill up your gas tank! Make sure you have candles ready and your phone’s charged! We are in for the “Blizzard of 2015!” Oh, please. The snow came, went, came back and it damn sure didn’t feel like a blizzard. I always feel it’s a plot to get our money, again. And they get us every time. I know I ran around trying to prepare. Silly me…. but, this was the calm before the “storm!”IMG_1411“Ladylike” has never been my preferred go to being that I’m a reformed tomboy (reformed, ha!) but, when I saw this skirt at the thrift store, I had to have it. I didn’t wear it all Summer, don’t really know why because now that I have, I love it and want to wear it more & more. IMG_1445I find pairing Summer pieces with Winter staples, makes the look more smart seasonally. What’s more wintery than black leather and a turtleneck? IMG_1417I kept my accessories with the same Winter vibes, by matching black socks & leather ankle boots along a black leather bag. Accessories will make or break and outfit. Without my accessories, this look would not have been pulled together. I won’t say flawlessly 😉IMG_1482Recently, I tried a perm rod set on my hair and boy, what a fail that was. A gorgeous singer once said, “At first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” That I did and thank goodness for it because I love the way my curls came out! Now, I’ll say it “I woke up like diiis!”IMG_1519Ladies, tell them.IMG_1530Good hair, an $8 skirt, the calm before the storm. It was a good day! IMG_1450— details —

— moto: F21 — turtleneck: J.Crew — skirt: thrifted — booties: Bakers — socks: Hue —



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