Red & Black Match.


Anyone else start this week off discombobulated in the head? … on a Tuesday. But, I never complain about 3 day weekends! Let’s just say it was a lot of sweatpants and oversized sweaters. No shame. The days are just getting colder and shorter. A vacation is looking realll good right about now, lol.IMG_1042 Long coats & Over-the-Knee boots are my every day staples! IMG_1303& to think, this coat was meant for my “clubbing” days. A great investment piece. IMG_1071 & for an affordable $20, this vintage Christian Dior blazer is a favorite thrifted find!IMG_1083 It’s so rare for me to match this much but, I am into a monochromatic look. Allowing the plaid blazer be the statement and focus point of the outfit, everything else was just an accessory, in a sense. Although the “accessories” chosen are pretty fabulous! IMG_1172Look at that suede skirt, honey! Thrifted for less than $10 – I can’t remember the exact price. But, I do remember the fringe being everything. I have to get you a closer look at the details of the skirt. It has a back tie up situation, as well. They don’t make clothes like that anymore. And if they do, the price is incomparable. I’m not a Gates but, based on my style you would never know it. Toot toot? JK.IMG_1170In the words of everyone’s favorite Atlanta housewife, “Twirl, honey, twirl!”IMG_1183 This entire outfit cost about $60. Only item not thrifted were my boots! Love.IMG_1013Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as my natural hair journey continues. I’m still heatless, going on 4 months now, go me! I just tried a new style … let me know if you want to me to a post on it. I’ve been thinking about it. Well, until next time …

— details —

— coat: DKNY — blazer: (thrifted) Dior — skirt: vintage — boots: UO — bag: (thrifted) D&B —



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