Black Dots, Blue Stripes.

IMG_0330 It’s full blown Winter here in Jersey. Although we had our first snow fall a couple of weeks ago, that didn’t stop my body from going into complete shock the other day with these frigid temps. I got caught out in leather jacket and slides. Now you know …

IMG_0337 Your girl would’ve been better prepared for the beast that is Snow. I wasn’t ready (Kevin Hart voice) I’ve got combat boots or thigh highs on deck. Had me out there looking like “Whaa?IMG_0417IMG_0393Somewhere in between the shock wearing off and almost losing a finger from frostbite, I morph into a big kid again. I love the snow! Especially when it’s pretty. IMG_0376IMG_0358 Lately, I’ve been loving black. Shocker, right? Coming from the girl who used to swear against it, mixing prints and patterns, textures and all things different. I’ve embraced the norm and made it my own. Pops of color will forever be my thing. So this reversible scarf was the perfect accessory for my all black ensemble. Even added a print without adding bulk. Although on this day, I probably could’ve used some extra bulk. IMG_0443Comfy. But, I wouldn’t recommend them for snow. But, you know that already. These babies were originally around $40 but, I got them on sale. They were marked down for $14.99 but when I got to the register, they rang up for $10.99. It’s the little things! IMG_0371Don’t I look like a happy camper? Well this was RIGHT before the frost bite kicked in and I ran to the car and shoved my fingers in the vents! Next investment, GLOVES!IMG_0512Sometimes you don’t get to see the full outfit in the Winter. So, I’m going to try to give you the inside version too. Next time, I’ll smile. I might have still been in defrost mode.

— details —

— leather & sweater: Express — jeans: Paige (similar) — sneakers: XOXO — scarf: J.Crew



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3 Replies to “Black Dots, Blue Stripes.”

  1. I love your entire outfit but I have to admit that the scarf is my favorite part! It is such a beautiful color and the pattern is really different and unique

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