Seize the Mini.


Abraham Lincoln once said “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” Thank God for that, makes getting dressed a lot easier. I remember the times I used to pick out my clothes a week in advanced. Oh, the talents I used to possess. I’m lucky if I can put something appropriate together for the day. But, heck, what’s appropriate anyway these days? IMG_9504Although it may seem like I was pushing Mother Nature a little, I really had her in mind when I dared to leave the house bare-legged. It was gorgeous out until the Sun dropped. I soaked it all up! Had to. It’s December, seemed like the fluke it was.

(Hasn’t been the same since!) IMG_9568Good hair days & good weather … a cliche quote comes to mind…IMG_9597Carpe Diem.IMG_9594& on that note .. until next time!

— details —

— sweater: J.Crew — leather skirt: Forever 21 —booties: via Nordstrom Rack — scarf: Sole Society



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